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    5 products
    Aquamax 250L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax 250L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax 250L Electric Hot Water System
    Aquamax SQUAT 160L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax SQUAT 160L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax SQUAT 160L Electric Hot Water System
    Aquamax 315L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax 315L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax 315L Electric Hot Water System
    Aquamax 160L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax 160L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax 160L Electric Hot Water System
    Aquamax 125L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax 125L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Aquamax 125L Electric Hot Water System

    Explore Top Aquamax Hot Water Systems: Energy Efficiency Meets Innovation

    Need to know about Aquamax hot water systems? We provide a straightforward breakdown of the benefits, costs, and choices available to ensure your home enjoys reliable and efficient hot water. Whether you’re assessing energy ratings, sizing options, or the long-term value of Aquamax systems, our concise guide has the answers, steering clear of sales jargon and focusing on the information you need.

    Key Takeaways

    • Aquamax hot water systems prioritize energy efficiency, offer a range with different capacities suitable for all household sizes, and are compatible with renewable energy sources, ensuring long-lasting performance.

    • The Aquamax product line includes both electric and gas units with features like 10-year cylinder warranties on larger models, and gas models that yield long-term savings with 5-star energy efficiency and Australian-made quality.

    • Installation by a licensed professional is essential for Aquamax hot water heaters to secure compliance and optimal performance, while proper maintenance extends the system’s longevity, supported by significant warranty coverage.

    Exploring the Aquamax Hot Water System Range

    Aquamax hot water system range

    Energy efficiency is a key design principle in all Aquamax hot water systems. They offer impressive energy efficiency ratings and even a heat pump model that reduces energy use and emissions by a whopping 65%. But it’s not just about energy efficiency; Aquamax systems are also built to last. Crafted from premium materials, the Stainless Steel water heaters are resistant to corrosion and are up to 50% lighter for easier installation. This blend of quality and lightweight design ensures that your Aquamax system will deliver quality performance for a long time.

    Additionally, Aquamax boasts a diverse product range, suitable for small to large households. Whether you live alone or have a bustling family, there’s an Aquamax hot water system designed to meet your specific needs. For those dedicated to renewable energy, Aquamax offers compatible systems. Their systems are compatible with renewable energy sources, built to meet the demands of Australian conditions. With Aquamax, you get a hot water system that reflects your lifestyle and energy preferences.

    Aquamax Electric Hot Water Units

    Aquamax electric hot water units are a perfect blend of convenience and efficiency. These units have the following features:

    • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations

    • Ability to maintain mains water pressure across multiple taps simultaneously

    • Strong and consistent flow of hot water, even when multiple taps are used at the same time

    This makes Aquamax water heaters a great choice for your electric hot water needs.

    Furthermore, these electric hot water heaters from Aquamax come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 50L to 400L. So whether you live alone, with a partner, or have a large family, there’s an Aquamax electric hot water unit that can cater to your needs. As an added bonus, all larger models include a 10-year cylinder warranty, offering you peace of mind for a decade.

    Aquamax Gas Hot Water Solutions

    Aquamax gas hot water solution

    For those preferring gas hot water solutions, Aquamax offers an array of options. Their gas hot water heaters come with an energy-efficient 5-star rating, ensuring high efficiency and cost-effective operation. Although these heaters have a higher initial cost compared to electric models, they are generally cheaper to run, which translates to long-term savings. These savings can significantly offset the initial cost over time, making them a worthwhile investment.

    Sizes for Aquamax gas hot water systems vary, including 270L, 340L, and 390L, catering to different household hot water demands. The cylinders of these systems are crafted from marine grade 316 stainless steel, signifying top-tier durability. These heaters are manufactured in Australia, meeting local quality standards and endorsing Australian industry. They also incorporate safety features such as pressure and temperature relief valves, contributing to their safe and efficient operation. For installation, these systems can connect to existing pipelines or use propane (LPG) if necessary.

    Unveiling Aquamax Hot Water System Prices

    Aquamax hot water system prices, also known as Aquamax prices, depend on unit capacity and location. For instance, the Aquamax Electric Hot Water Heater prices start at $650.00 supply only for a 125-litre capacity, and can go up to $2,20.00 supply only for a 400-litre Twin Element model. Installation costs also vary based on the unit capacity and location.

    Gas hot water heaters like the Stainless Steel G270SS and G340SS are also part of the Aquamax range, with supply-only prices starting from $1,650.00. While these prices may seem high initially, remember that these systems are designed to be more cost-effective in the long run due to their energy efficiency. So while you may pay more upfront, you’ll likely save in the long term with reduced energy bills. Plus, standard removal and disposal of the old water heater are typically included in the package price, and extras such as tempering valves, pressure limit valves, and additional components like concrete slabs are available at additional costs. Remember, actual pricing can be subject to onsite conditions, which may warrant an inspection to finalize the quoted price.

    The Installation Journey: Fitting Your Aquamax Hot Water Heater

    The installation of an Aquamax hot water heater is a critical component in achieving energy efficiency and comfort. To ensure compliance and optimal performance, installation must be done by a skilled plumber. Don’t worry; Aquamax systems offer flexibility with installation options. Whether you prefer an external, free-standing, or recessed into wall cavities installation, Aquamax can accommodate your preference.

    Stored water in Aquamax systems must be maintained at a minimum of 60°C to prevent bacterial growth, while the water from the tap should not exceed 50°C. This is often managed by installing a tempering valve. In scenarios involving complex installations, like in laundry rooms, apartments, or cupboards, an onsite quotation might be necessary to account for additional requirements and possible adjustments to standard pricing.

    Choosing the Right Aquamax Model for Your Home

    Selecting the appropriate Aquamax model is vital for efficient hot water supply in your home. To do so, you need to assess the hot water demands of your household. Consider how many people live in your home, how many bathrooms you have, and how much hot water you typically use each day.

    These considerations will guide you in choosing a unit size that is capable of meeting your hot water demands.

    Professional Installation Services for Optimum Performance

    With the appropriate Aquamax model chosen, installation is the subsequent step. To comply with regulations and ensure optimal performance, your Aquamax hot water heater must be installed by a licensed plumber or specialist. This not only ensures that your system is set up properly but also guarantees that you won’t run into issues with compliance down the line.

    Maximizing Longevity: Maintaining Your Aquamax Hot Water System

    Maintaining your Aquamax system post-installation is crucial for optimal longevity. Aquamax stainless steel hot water systems are designed for durability, with a 12-year cylinder warranty and no need for a sacrificial anode. This simplifies maintenance and reduces costs over the system’s lifespan.

    To maintain the integrity of your Aquamax system, perform annual checks on the anode rod and pressure relief valve, regularly inspect for corrosion and rust, and ensure adequate gas or electricity supply for system operation. Preventing sediment buildup in your system is also key for efficiency; this can be achieved through annual tank drainage and adherence to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

    Additionally, opting for a professional maintenance plan can facilitate regular inspections and maintenance, while also providing expert service in case of unusual noises, smells, or functional issues that signal the need for hot water repairs.

    Why Choose an Aquamax Hot Water System?

    Significant warranty coverage accompanies all Aquamax hot water systems, including a ten year warranty on the stainless steel cylinder and a 12-month parts-and-labour warranty for the complete unit. This comprehensive coverage offers peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected for many years to come.

    However, warranty coverage isn’t the sole reason to opt for Aquamax. These systems are recognized for:

    • their durability

    • high energy efficiency

    • leading with a 5-star energy rating

    • supporting eco-friendly practices by reducing energy bills

    • upholding rigorous manufacturing standards by producing all hot water heaters in Moorabbin, Victoria, showcasing their commitment to high-quality local production.

    When you choose Aquamax, you’re not just choosing a hot water system; you’re choosing quality, durability, and a commitment to local craftsmanship.

    Customized Hot Water Solutions with Aquamax

    Recognizing every home’s uniqueness, Aquamax provides tailor-made hot water solutions. Whether you’re in a residential or commercial environment, Aquamax has a hot water system that can be tailored precisely to your requirements. With a diverse range of models, various capacities and recovery rates, you’re sure to find an Aquamax system that suits your unique hot water usage patterns and needs.

    If you’re passionate about sustainable energy utilization, you’ll be pleased to know that Aquamax hot water systems offer the following features:

    • They can be configured for solar operation with the use of an AquaMAX solar kit.

    • The installation process is designed for simplicity, accommodating different spaces with options for external installation.

    • Aquamax offers professional consultation services to ensure optimal setup.

    With Aquamax, you get a hot water solution that’s tailored to you, thanks to the variety of aquamax models available to heat water efficiently.

    Request a Quote for Your New Aquamax System

    Ready for an Aquamax system upgrade or new installation? Securing a personalized quote is a breeze. Simply call 1300 721 996 or fill out the request form available on the company’s website. Quotes provided by AquaMAX from certified stockists like Australian Hot Water are comprehensive and include installation costs for a clear understanding of the total investment.

    In various regions throughout Australia, such as the Gold Coast and Brisbane, potential customers can turn to local referral agents like Installed Today for installation queries and personalized quotes.


    In summary, Aquamax hot water systems offer a blend of energy efficiency, durability, and local craftsmanship. With a wide range of models available, they can cater to the unique hot water needs of different households, offering flexibility in both installation and operation. They also provide comprehensive warranty coverage and customizable hot water solutions for both residential and commercial environments. All these make Aquamax a worthwhile consideration when looking for a new hot water system. Remember, the right hot water system not only meets your hot water needs but also aligns with your energy preferences and lifestyle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does an Aquamax hot water system last?

    With proper maintenance and care, an Aquamax electric hot water system can last between 10 and 15 years, while gas hot water systems can last up to 20 years.

    Is Aquamax made by Rheem?

    Yes, Aquamax is made by Rheem Australia, a market leader in hot water solutions. Rheem's acquisition of AquaMAX in 2009 further solidified their position in the market.

    Is Aquamax a good brand?

    Yes, Aquamax is considered a good brand, especially for those aiming to lower energy consumption with their superior stainless steel hot water systems.

    Who makes Aquamax hot water systems?

    Rheem Australia manufactures Aquamax hot water systems. They acquired Aquamax and took over its manufacturing.

    What makes Aquamax hot water systems energy efficient?

    Aquamax hot water systems are energy efficient due to their high energy efficiency ratings and a heat pump model that can reduce energy use and emissions by up to 65%. This makes them a sustainable choice for hot water heating.

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