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    2 products

    Discover the Benefits of Aquatech Hot Water Systems for Energy-Efficient Homes

    Aquatech hot water systems are synonymous with smart energy use and tangible savings. By diving into the specifics of the popular RAPID/X6 model, we’ll reveal how these systems can substantially lower your energy bills and support the environment, without compromising on hot water availability for your daily needs.

    Key Takeaways

    • Aquatech’s RAPID/X6 heat pump is an energy-efficient solution that reduces power consumption by up to 70%, promising significant savings on utility bills and environmental benefits with its use of R290 refrigerant with zero global warming potential.

    • The RAPID/X6 is compatible with solar PV systems, allowing for further cost reduction and maximization of renewable energy use through smart controllers and timer-controlled heating cycles synchronized with solar power generation.

    • Installation of Aquatech systems is straightforward, requiring a standard 10AMP circuit and benefiting from an easy setup process, while the systems offer durability, safety features, and customization options, including remote monitoring via Wi-Fi.

    Aquatech's Innovative Hot Water Solutions

    Aquatech hot water system

    Aquatech has been at the forefront of hot water solutions, offering top-tier, compact heat pumps like the RAPID/X6. Known for its high-capacity and high-efficiency hot water supply, the RAPID/X6 caters to even the largest homes. Aquatech hot water systems feature innovative technology like programmable touch screens, smart heating modes, and current impressed electronic anodes for enhanced control and longevity.

    Evident in their use of R290 natural refrigerant, Aquatech prioritizes environmentally responsible solutions. Additionally, their state-of-the-art heat pump technology efficiently transfers heat from one source to another, demonstrating the innovative mechanism underpinning their systems. This innovation, coupled with an impressive efficiency rating of 350%, offers a significant reduction in energy use, contributing to Aquatech’s high standing in the market.

    RAPID/X6: The High-Performance Heat Pump

    Aquatech’s RAPID/X6 model is the first high-performance compact heat pump in the market. It offers advanced features and is designed to provide efficient heating solutions. It boasts a 213L storage capacity and a 3000W heating capacity, recovering fully in under 3 hours and catering to up to six people with a maximum temperature of 70°C. This impressive performance is complemented by four optimized heating modes and an 1800W standby element, enhancing the system’s reliability.

    Despite its powerful performance, the RAPID/X6 has the following features:

    • Designed to fit into tight spaces, matching the size of traditional 250L electric water heater installations with an incorporated electric element

    • Dual inlet options, accommodating various plumbing configurations

    • Versatile choice for homeowners

    • Backed by Aquatech’s 5-year warranty, underscoring the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

    Aquatech’s hot water systems are renowned for their energy efficiency. Designed to reduce power consumption by up to 70%, the RAPID/X6 heat pump translates into lower running costs for homeowners, as there’s no need for gas lines. This high efficiency can lead to ongoing annual savings in power bills, with potential savings reaching up to $800 per year.

    With a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.90, the Aquatech RAPID/X6 system illustrates up to 350% energy savings compared to traditional gas and electric water heaters. This substantial energy efficiency highlights the potential financial benefits of switching to Aquatech’s hot water systems, while also considering the global warming potential compared to conventional heating methods.

    Environmental Benefits

    Embracing Aquatech’s hot water systems not only benefits your wallet but also the environment. The RAPID/X6 hot water system offers the following benefits:

    • Significantly reduces carbon emissions, with an annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes

    • Recognized as a Clean Energy product

    • Uses R290 natural refrigerant, which has zero global warming potential and does not contribute to ozone depletion

    By choosing the RAPID/X6 system, you can make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the benefits of hot water.

    The high energy efficiency of the Aquatech RAPID/X6 is evidenced by its maximum coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.90. This indicates less energy consumption and a lower environmental impact, aligning with global sustainability efforts.

    Compatibility with Solar PV Systems

    Aquatech hot water system with solar PV panels

    All Aquatech hot water systems, the RAPID/X6 model included, have been designed for compatibility with renewable energy sources like solar PV systems. This compatibility enhances sustainability and energy efficiency, making them a future-proof solution for hot water needs. Integration with solar PV systems allows Aquatech hot water systems to utilize excess solar electricity generated during the day for heating water, thereby reducing the usage of grid-supplied electricity.

    Built-in timer-controlled heating cycles are a key feature of Aquatech hot water systems, utilizing dual heating technology. These cycles are pivotal in maximizing the benefits of solar PV system integration by optimizing energy usage and further reducing energy costs.

    Timer-Controlled Heating Cycles

    The RAPID/X6 heat pump by Aquatech features built-in timers that enable seamless pairing with home Solar PV systems. These built-in timer-controlled heat-up cycles are designed to synchronize with solar PV output, optimizing the system’s use of solar energy and improving overall efficiency.

    By programming timers to activate during peak solar production hours, maximum solar energy can be harnessed for water heating. This functionality is beneficial for households typically away during the day. Moreover, utilizing timer-controlled heating in conjunction with solar power can reduce annual hot water costs to below $100, whereas reliance on grid electricity outside of the solar production peak might incur higher costs.

    Maximizing Solar Power Potential

    With Aquatech hot water systems, households with larger solar systems can potentially:

    • Power their hot water systems completely with surplus solar electricity, avoiding the use of grid power

    • Integrate with solar battery storage to store excess solar energy

    • Use the stored energy for heating water during times when solar generation is low or during the night.

    Advanced Aquatech hot water systems feature precise control through:

    • Smart controllers that facilitate the optimization of solar energy usage

    • Adjusting heating cycles based on predicted solar generation patterns

    • Ensuring the most efficient use of solar power

    Installation and Customization Options

    The compact dimensions of the RAPID/X6 allow for installation in spaces where conservation is key. It can replace a traditional 250L electric system with the same installation footprint, making it a versatile choice for homeowners. Customers commend Aquatech for their easy installation process and professional service, emphasizing the positive experience they had during the system’s setup.

    The Hydrotherm Dynamic X8 model, another offering from Aquatech, offers ease of installation, including integration with existing solar PV systems. It also provides customizable settings via optional Wi-Fi control, offering a personalized hot water experience.

    Easy Installation Process

    Aquatech’s heat pumps, including the RAPID/X6, can be easily connected to power as they run on a standard 10AMP circuit and can be plugged into an outdoor power point. For optimal functionality and to ensure the system’s longevity, it is recommended to use professional installation services for Aquatech hot water systems.

    Before the installation team arrives, the area where the Aquatech system will be installed should be cleared and made accessible. Customers have reported that the installation process of Aquatech hot water systems is seamless, contributing to a positive overall experience.

    Customizable Settings

    The RAPID/X6 heat pump by Aquatech is WiFi-enabled, allowing for remote control and monitoring through the Tuya smart-home app. The Aquatech heat pumps come with five pre-set heating modes:

    • Standard

    • Eco

    • Hybrid

    • Hybrid+

    • Element

    These modes cater to varying user needs.

    Each mode is tailored to suit different home sizes and hot water usage patterns. For instance, the Standard mode is set at a temperature of 60°C with a reheat trigger at 55°C, suitable for the majority of homes. On the other hand, the Eco mode optimizes for energy savings, maintaining temperature at 60°C with a reduced reheat trigger of 48°C, ideal for homes with low occupancy.

    By setting heating schedules that align with any of the customizable modes offered by Aquatech heat pumps, homeowners can tailor their hot water experience to their needs.

    Durability and Maintenance

    Durable Aquatech hot water system

    Designed for longevity, Aquatech hot water systems come with a 6-year warranty on all system components, reinforcing their reliability and customer trust. Initiating a warranty claim involves contacting their customer support and providing the installation date documentation, streamlining the process for users.

    The RAPID/X6 model features a durable construction free of plastic components and robust tanks, complemented by a backup element mode to guarantee a continuous hot water supply. To maintain performance and longevity, a full service of Aquatech’s heat pump systems is recommended every 5 years, much like the care schedule for air conditioners or refrigerators.

    Tank Material and Construction

    Aquatech hot water systems employ robust tank materials to ensure longevity and resist wear over time, making tank recovery a rare necessity. The RAPID/X6 model features a full metal exterior and an inner tank that is 2.5mm thick, signifying a strong focus on structural durability.

    The inner tanks have a Class X enamel coating, and other tanks are coated in diamond blue enamel, both designed to offer superior corrosion resistance. Anode protection, namely a non-sacrificial impressed current anode, is used to shield the tank from corrosion in various water conditions, further enhancing the system’s durability.

    Safety Features

    Safety is a crucial aspect of hot water systems, ensuring both the longevity of the system and the protection of users. The Hydrotherm Dynamic X8 heat pump hot water system boasts an IPX4 rating, which guarantees that it is safeguarded against water splashes from any direction. Additionally, the inclusion of a safety switch further enhances the security of the system.

    To prevent dangerous levels of pressure build-up, the temperature relief valve in the Hydrotherm Dynamic X8 is designed with a maximum operating pressure of 850 kilopascals. This safety feature ensures the reliable and safe operation of the system.

    Real-Life Experiences and Reviews

    Testimonials from those who have reaped the benefits of Aquatech’s hot water systems provide invaluable insights. Here are some satisfied customers:

    • Sheryl J.

    • Daniela Cafasso

    • Gayle Davis

    • Mark Sussmilch

    • Michael from NSW

    They have reported high satisfaction with the performance of their Aquatech hot water systems. They have praised attributes like the quiet compressor, consistent hot water supply, and anticipation of economical benefits.

    The installation services for Aquatech systems have been commended by customers such as Krisztina T. and John Pham, who were pleased with the professional, quick, and knowledgeable staff. Functional design features of Aquatech hot water systems, such as suitability for outdoor installation and effective weather protection, have also contributed significantly to user satisfaction. Of course, like any system, there are areas for potential improvement, such as noise level and temperature regulation, as articulated by some customers.

    Comparing Aquatech to Traditional Hot Water Systems

    Contrasting with traditional hot water systems, Aquatech heat pump hot water systems excel in terms of energy efficiency. They can produce more than 3 kWh of heat from just 1 kWh of electrical energy, resulting in significant energy savings. Aquatech and other hot water heat pumps operate by transferring heat energy from the environment rather than producing it directly. This process is more efficient than the direct electrical energy use in traditional systems.

    Hot water heat pumps have the following advantages over traditional electric systems:

    • They have a coefficient of performance (CoP) greater than three, indicating high heating efficiency.

    • They can save users up to 70% on energy costs when compared to standard electric storage hot water heaters.

    • According to, replacing standard electric storage hot water heaters with heat pump systems like Aquatech could prevent approximately 150 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Government Rebates and Incentives

    To promote the adoption of energy-efficient heat pumps such as the Aquatech RAPID/X6, the Australian Federal and State governments provide rebates. Some specific programs include:

    • ACT Energy-efficient electric water heater upgrade: provides a $750 discount

    • Home Energy Efficiency Program: provides targeted assistance for low-income households and concession card holders

    • Home Energy Support program: provides targeted assistance for low-income households and concession card holders

    These programs aim to make energy-efficient heat pumps more accessible and affordable for homeowners.

    State initiatives that support the use of energy-efficient hot water systems include:

    • The Energy Bill Relief Fund in Tasmania

    • The Cost of Living Rebate for Households in Queensland

    • The ACT Government’s Sustainable Business Program, which offers rebates and incentives for businesses implementing energy-efficient solutions, including hot water systems

    Aquatech partners can help customers convert their rebate entitlements into direct financial advantages, such as cash payments or discounts, potentially worth thousands of dollars on purchases.


    In conclusion, Aquatech’s hot water systems, particularly the RAPID/X6, offer a multitude of benefits, from energy efficiency and cost savings to environmental sustainability. These systems are designed with the future in mind, compatible with solar PV systems and offering customizable settings to suit individual needs. Coupled with easy installation, robust construction, and excellent customer reviews, Aquatech stands as a remarkable choice for energy-efficient hot water systems. So why wait? Make the switch to Aquatech today and enjoy continuous hot water while saving money and the environment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are Aquatech heat pumps manufactured?

    Aquatech heat pumps are manufactured in countries such as Japan, Sweden, Canada, and Germany, and Aquatech Solar Technologies designs and distributes high-efficiency heat pumps from Queensland, Australia.

    What is the warranty on Aquatech heat pumps?

    Aquatech heat pumps come with a minimum 5-year warranty on all components, including the tank and compressor. If any unrepairable faults occur within the warranty period, a free replacement system will be provided.

    What is the most efficient hot water heating system?

    The most efficient hot water heating system is a heat pump water heater, which extracts heat from the ambient air to heat the water in the tank. It is 2-3 times more energy efficient than storage electric hot water systems, making it a cost-effective option for mild to hot climates.

    What is the aquatech rapid x6 hybrid system?

    The Aquatech Rapid X6 Heat Pump is a compact and energy-efficient system, offering a high Coefficient of Performance and various heating modes designed for household usage. Consider it as an upgrade from traditional electric water heaters.

    What is the downside of a hybrid water heater?

    The downside of a hybrid water heater is that it requires at least 1000 cubic feet of space for installation, making it difficult for smaller homes and spaces. Additionally, it creates noise, averaging around 52 decibels, so it's not suitable for noise-sensitive areas.

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