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    2 products
    Enviroheat 200L Heat Pump Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Enviroheat 200L Heat Pump Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Enviroheat 200L Heat Pump Hot Water System
    Enviroheat 250L Heat Pump Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Enviroheat 250L Heat Pump Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Enviroheat 250L Heat Pump Hot Water System

    Maximizing Efficiency: A Complete Guide to Enviroheat Hot Water Systems

    Considering a switch to an energy-efficient hot water solution? Enviroheat hot water systems offer a blend of sustainability and cost savings. With advanced air-source technology capable of converting minimal electricity into maximum heat, these systems not only cut down on bills but also reduce environmental impact. This article provides an in-depth look into how Enviroheat sets the standard for performance, outlines potential savings, and offers insights into installation and government rebates—everything you need to know before making an informed decision.

    Key Takeaways

    • Enviroheat hot water systems provide energy-efficient, environmentally friendly water heating by converting 1kW of electricity into over 4kW of heat using air-source technology and can operate effectively in temperatures as low as -7°C.

    • A smart investment, Enviroheat systems offer considerable long-term savings, reducing gas bills by up to 75% and CO2 emissions, while benefiting from Australian Government incentives like STCs for immediate discounts.

    • Designed for seamless integration, Enviroheat systems work well with existing solar PV installations, enhancing energy savings through intelligent control systems and offering strong warranty coverage and dedicated customer support.

    Harnessing Renewable Energy: The Enviroheat Advantage

    Enviroheat hot water systems revolutionize the renewable energy sector with their impressive energy efficiency, capable of transforming 1kW of electricity into over 4kW of heat. That’s four times the energy output, a feat made possible by harnessing the power of ambient air energy for water heating purposes. This means that regardless of the weather conditions, you can rely on Enviroheat for a cost-effective and consistent hot water supply.

    So, what’s the mechanism behind this? The answer lies in Enviroheat’s cutting-edge air-source technology. Utilizing renewable energy drawn from the air, your hot water system transforms from a mere utility into a vessel for sustainability and efficiency. The result? A hot water system that doesn’t just heat water, but does so in a way that’s kinder to our planet and lighter on your pocket.

    How Enviroheat Systems Work

    At the heart of every Enviroheat system is its state-of-the-art heat pump technology. Each system functions by capturing ambient heat and channeling it into water, a technique that remains effective in temperatures as low as -7°C. This ingenious process involves an evaporator absorbing environmental heat, a compressor raising the refrigerant temperature, and a condenser transferring the heat to the tank’s water.

    Beyond these basic components, Enviroheat systems also incorporate:

    • A micro-channel condenser for enhanced heat transfer

    • A bottom coil design to increase the heat exchange area

    • A specialized compressor for optimal efficiency

    This intricate yet efficient machinery is what sets Enviroheat apart, the world’s largest appliance manufacturer, and fuels its high-performance output.

    Benefits of Choosing Enviroheat

    Opting for Enviroheat means more than just securing a reliable hot water source; it’s also about enjoying the advantages of a wise, environmentally-friendly decision. Enviroheat systems can significantly reduce gas bills by up to 75%, making these systems more affordable over time. Beyond the economic benefits, Enviroheat hot water systems also aid in reducing CO2 emissions, providing a much-needed eco-friendly alternative to traditional water heating methods.

    The Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator has certified Enviroheat systems. With the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) offering Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) that result in immediate point-of-sale discounts, the financial and ecological advantages of choosing Enviroheat are reaffirmed. These systems also offer operational benefits, including:

    • Flexibility, as they can integrate with various existing systems

    • Off-peak tariffs for further reduced operating costs

    • Quick hot water delivery, which is more efficient compared to old systems.

    Unveiling the Enviroheat Range: Models & Features

    Enviroheat electrical hot water systems distinguish themselves with their energy efficiency, contemporary design, and high-functioning features. Crafted with titanium-aluminum alloy construction and sophisticated control systems, these systems are a testament to the commitment of Enviroheat to provide the best to its customers. Advanced features such as frost proofing, smart boost, vacation mode, anti-freeze, overheat, and legionella protection ensure that each Enviroheat unit is equipped to withstand diverse climatic conditions and serve you reliably.

    Enviroheat systems offer the following features:

    • Considerable energy storage, with tanks capable of holding up to 18kW of heat energy, ensuring hot water availability during peak usage times

    • Adept at replacing outdated electric heaters or in areas lacking gas supply, making them a versatile solution for hot water needs

    • The Enviroheat HP series features an intelligent control system designed to optimize the use of rooftop solar power

    • Complete with an automatic water sanitization function

    Residential Hot Water Solutions

    For residential hot water solutions, Enviroheat provides models that are both efficient and remarkably quiet. Each unit is capable of operating effectively at temperatures as low as -7°C, converting 1kW of electricity into over 4kW of heat. The noise level of these heat pumps is comparable to that of a split air conditioning system or a running fridge, which homeowners find agreeable for residential settings, including installations near bedroom walls.

    The 200L and 250L residential models (200EH1-14 and 250EH1-15) are priced around $2349 installed, offering an economical solution for hot water needs in homes. These models come equipped with advanced features such as:

    • Eco Power

    • Frost Proof

    • Smart Vacation

    • Anti Freeze

    • Smart Boost

    • Overheat Proof

    • High Efficiency

    • Legionella Proof

    These features ensure a suitable match for a range of residential requirements.

    Commercial Hot Water Needs

    Beyond homeowners, businesses can also leverage Enviroheat’s commercial hot water systems for their exceptional features:

    • Energy efficiency

    • Affordability

    • Modern design

    • Dependable performance

    These systems do not require complicated fixed wiring and can be connected to a standard 10 Amp power point, simplifying installation. Furthermore, the systems can be controlled remotely via Smart Life or Tuya Smart Apps, allowing for easy adjustment of settings through a smartphone.

    For optimal performance, Enviroheat hot water systems benefit from higher ambient air temperatures, as this aids their heat drawing capability. Whether you’re running a hotel with high hot water demand or a small office building, Enviroheat can provide a hot water solution that meets your needs while keeping operating costs low.

    Smart Integration: Solar Compatibility and Control Systems

    Solar Compatibility and Control Systems

    Enviroheat systems are more than just isolated machines; they’re crafted for intelligent integration. If you already have a rooftop solar system installed, or if you’re considering solar power, Enviroheat systems can integrate seamlessly, allowing for the storage of up to 18kW of heat in the Enviroheat storage tank for use during the night. This integration with solar energy systems harnesses and stores solar-generated heat for enhanced energy savings.

    Additionally, the advanced control system of Enviroheat includes an automatic timer to manage the utilization of solar power by running the system during optimal daylight hours for maximum energy efficiency. For additional energy management, a secondary timer can be set to provide an early morning boost, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water is available when needed.

    Harnessing Solar Power

    The true allure of Enviroheat systems is found in their capacity to capitalize on solar power. Enviroheat heat pumps are specifically designed to work in conjunction with existing solar PV systems, enabling direct use of solar energy for heating water. This means homeowners with current solar installations or considering future solar power can significantly enhance solar energy utilization through integration with an Enviroheat system.

    The integration feature of the Enviroheat system offers several benefits:

    • It maximizes the use of clean solar energy for water heating.

    • It allows for the storage of large amounts of heat energy, up to 18kW in one tank, for instances when solar power is not available, such as nighttime.

    • Pairing an Enviroheat heat pump with a solar system allows for the storage of heat energy during the day, ready to be utilized efficiently during peak usage times.

    • This translates into enhanced energy savings and reduces the reliance on traditional energy resources.

    Advanced Control System Features

    The advanced control system plays a vital role in Enviroheat’s high-performing output. Featuring an automatic timer, this system works to maximize the utilization of solar power throughout the day. For those early risers or households with high morning hot water demands, a second timer provides an automatic early morning boost, ensuring hot water availability without manual intervention.

    These smart features include programming capabilities to integrate optimally with rooftop solar power installations for increased energy savings. But the intelligence of this system doesn’t stop there. Automatic sanitization is a key feature of Enviroheat’s advanced control system, designed to mitigate the growth of waterborne bacteria such as legionella. This ensures that your hot water isn’t just hot, but safe as well.

    Longevity and Support: Warranties and Customer Care

    Dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction, Enviroheat extends an extensive warranty coverage for its hot water systems. Each system comes with a 5-year warranty covering mechanical components and the tank. If the unexpected happens and mechanical components or the tank fail, Enviroheat will repair or replace the unit with a new one.

    Beyond the product itself, Enviroheat also provides accessible customer support. With distinct contact paths for sales inquiries and service needs, Enviroheat ensures that help is just a phone call or email away. Whether you have a question about your system or need assistance with a technical issue, Enviroheat’s dedicated customer support team is ready and eager to assist.

    Warranty Coverage Explained

    The peace of mind provided by Enviroheat’s warranty coverage is second to none. Residential heat pumps come with a 5-year warranty on the tank cylinder and compressor, and a 1-year warranty on electronics, parts, and labor. This coverage includes key components, such as the tank cylinder and compressor for 5 years, and other parts like the electrical element, sacrificial anode, PTR valve, and ECV for 1 year. Additionally, dual full-length anodes provide additional corrosion protection, contributing to the system’s longevity.

    The labor warranty is valid for 1 year from installation, and warranty remedies include replacement parts, product replacement, or a refund, with the repair location and method determined by Enviroheat. This comprehensive warranty coverage ensures that you can rely on your Enviroheat system for years to come, knowing that you’re backed by a company that stands behind its products.

    Accessible Customer Support

    In addition to exceptional warranty coverage, Enviroheat offers accessible customer support, ensuring that you’re never left in the dark when it comes to your hot water system. For warranty service inquiries, Enviroheat provides a customer support contact number. Sales-related inquiries can be directed to Enviroheat’s head office contact number or email.

    Additional support can be sought by contacting the head office directly or emailing their dedicated support email address. For those who prefer to find answers on their own, Enviroheat offers a dedicated FAQ section on their website to assist customers with common questions regarding products.

    No matter your question or issue, Enviroheat’s customer support is ready to assist and ensure your complete satisfaction.

    Seamless Installation Process

    Correct installation is pivotal to the peak performance and durability of your Enviroheat system. With professional installation by a fully licensed and trained technician, you can ensure the correct and safe setup of your Enviroheat heat pump system. The installation manuals for Enviroheat systems provide detailed instructions on specific electrical and plumbing setups required for the Enviroheat 250L Heat Pump Hot Water System.

    It’s also important to note that the cost of installation includes a valve kit and basic sundries, while any additional work beyond the standard installation will be priced separately. This ensures that there are no hidden fees or surprises, and you know exactly what you’re paying for.

    Professional Installation Services

    Professional installation by certified technicians is crucial to maintain the system’s warranty, as incorrect installation can lead to the warranty being voided. Despite the ease of installation due to the lack of fixed wiring and the ability to plug into a 10 Amp power point, professional installation remains recommended to guarantee proper setup and to avoid any electrical supply alterations that could impact the system’s performance. Ensuring the correct installation position is also essential for optimal functioning of internal installations.

    Enviroheat advises the use of highly skilled, fully licensed technicians for the installation to ensure the heat pumps are set up for efficient and effective performance. With professional installation, you can rest easy knowing your system is in the hands of experts who understand the intricacies of Enviroheat’s advanced technology.

    Integration with Existing Systems

    In addition to its standalone capabilities, an Enviroheat system can be integrated with existing hot water systems for enhanced efficiency and reduced operating costs. Proper placement and orientation of the Enviroheat heat pump are critical for achieving maximum efficiency when integrating with existing hot water systems.

    Integrating Enviroheat with existing hot water systems may necessitate additional plumbing adjustments. However, Enviroheat’s control system includes timers that can be set to limit running hours and prevent noise disturbance during night hours, maintaining neighborly relations.

    With careful planning and professional installation, your Enviroheat system can work seamlessly with your existing system to deliver hot water efficiently and economically.

    Sustainability and Savings: Eco-Friendly Heating

    Eco-Friendly Heating and Savings

    The system’s sustainability and potential savings make choosing Enviroheat a highly compelling option. These hot water systems offer significant energy efficiency leading to long-term cost savings for users. In fact, potential energy bill reductions between 50% to 80% are attainable when comparing Enviroheat systems to traditional water heaters.

    Enviroheat systems, such as the 250EH1-15 250 Litre Heat Pump, can provide up to a 71% saving in energy compared to conventional water heaters. Additionally, integrating Enviroheat systems with existing solar installations can further enhance energy consumption reduction and living cost savings. This means more money in your pocket and less impact on the environment.

    Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

    Choosing Enviroheat isn’t just great for your wallet; it’s also a responsible choice for the environment. Enviroheat heat pumps utilize air-source technology to efficiently convert energy from the surrounding air into heat for water heating, leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

    When you integrate Enviroheat systems with solar power installed, you are amplifying energy savings and lowering your carbon footprint substantially. Energy savings of up to 90% can be achieved when Enviroheat heat pumps are combined with solar power systems, contributing to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

    This means that with every drop of hot water you use, you’re contributing to a greener future.

    Financial Incentives and Rebates

    The benefits of Enviroheat don’t stop at energy efficiency and eco-friendliness; there are also financial incentives and rebates that make owning an Enviroheat system even more appealing. Enviroheat heat pump systems are eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) under the Australian Government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), also known as ‘The Solar Rebate Program’.

    These STCs result in immediate point-of-sale discounts, reducing the initial investment cost of an Enviroheat system. Furthermore, the Solar Homes Program in Victoria offers rebates of up to $1,000 for eligible heat pump or solar hot water system purchases. With these financial incentives, the cost of transitioning to an eco-friendly hot water system like Enviroheat can be significantly offset, making it an even more attractive option for homeowners and businesses alike.


    In a world where sustainability and savings are more important than ever, Enviroheat hot water systems emerge as a leading solution. By harnessing renewable energy, providing a range of sophisticated models, offering seamless solar integration, and backed by comprehensive warranties and accessible customer support, Enviroheat stands as a testament to innovation in renewable energy solutions. Whether for residential or commercial use, an Enviroheat system is more than just a hot water system; it’s a path to a greener, more sustainable, and cost-effective future.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who makes Enviroheat?

    Enviroheat is made by Haier, the world's largest whitegoods manufacturer, with a strong track record in the industry.

    What is the most efficient hot water heating system?

    The most efficient hot water heating system is an electric heat pump water heater. It uses much less electricity than traditional electric storage water heaters, making it the most energy-efficient option available.

    How much is the Enviroheat 200L heat pump?

    The Enviroheat 200L Heat Pump is priced at $2349. It's a competitive price for a quality hot water system.

    How does an Enviroheat system work to provide hot water?

    An Enviroheat system utilizes heat pump technology to extract ambient heat and transfer it to water through an evaporator, compressor, and condenser. This provides an efficient and eco-friendly method of heating water.

    What are the benefits of choosing an Enviroheat system?

    Choosing an Enviroheat system can provide significant cost savings, with potential reductions in gas bills of up to 75% and also aid in reducing CO2 emissions, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional water heating methods. Consider it for a more efficient and environmentally friendly home.

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