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    13 products
    Davey Total Flo TF40J 40L/min Pressure Pump with Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Davey Total Flo TF40J 40L/min Pressure Pump with Controller
    Davey Rainbank KRBS2 Submersible Pump + Mains Backup + Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Davey Rainbank KRBS2 Submersible Pump + Mains Backup + Controller
    DAB E.Sybox 120L/min 45dB Smart Pump + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    DAB E.Sybox 120L/min 45dB Smart Pump
    Bianco INOX90S2NXT 78L/min Pressure Pump with NXT Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Bianco INOX90S2NXT 78L/min Pressure Pump with NXT Controller
    DAB E.Sybox Mini 3 850w Wireless Inverter Smart Pump + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    DAB E.Sybox Mini 3 850w Wireless Inverter Smart Pump
    Bianco INOX60S2NXT 62L/min Pressure Pump with NXT Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Bianco INOX60S2NXT 62L/min Pressure Pump with NXT Controller
    Davey Total Flo TF117MS 117L/min Pressure Pump with Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Davey Total Flo TF117MS 117L/min Pressure Pump with Controller
    Davey Starflo 420 2.2hp 460LPM Swimming Pool Pump + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Davey Starflo 420 2.2hp 460LPM Swimming Pool Pump
    Davey Starflo 300 1.5hp 380LPM Swimming Pool Pump + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Davey Starflo 300 1.5hp 380LPM Swimming Pool Pump
    Davey Rainbank KRB2 Surface Mount Pump + Mains Backup + Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Davey Rainbank KRB2 Surface Mount Pump + Mains Backup + Controller
    DAB Jetcom 102NXT 60L/min Pressure Pump with Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    DAB Jetcom 102NXT 60L/min Pressure Pump with Controller
    Davey Total Flo TF50J 50L/min Pressure Pump with Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Davey Total Flo TF50J 50L/min Pressure Pump with Controller
    Bianco INOX45S2NXT 58L/min Pressure Pump with NXT Controller + Optional Installation - Installed Today
    Bianco INOX45S2NXT 58L/min Pressure Pump with NXT Controller

    Household pressure pumps offer a wide range of uses across your house. Whether you’re aiming to water your garden, supply your household with water, or keep your pool water circulated and filtered, this article will guide you through picking the best household water pumps for your needs, with practical advice on installation and maintenance to ensure long-term reliability.


    If you’re ready to have one of our reliable water pumps delivered to your home, complete your order online here. We also offer an optional installation service to ensure your pump is suitable for its intended application and is running perfectly. Get in touch with us online or by calling  0493 495 160 to have any of your questions about home water pumps answered.


    Installed Today offers a variety of rainwater pumps suitable for a range of applications in home and garden settings, including high-quality models like the REEFE PRJ80E and Bianco INOX45S2MPCX, with significant performance features such as adaptability, energy efficiency, and high flow rates.

    Utilizing household water pumps for garden irrigation systems can lead to substantial benefits such as improved water efficiency, reduced water consumption, constant water supply, and seamless integration with existing systems. Additionally, water-saving controllers can further enhance the efficiency by adjusting watering based on weather conditions.

    Maintenance of rainwater pumps is critical for their longevity and efficiency, with features such as prime protection and dry running defense being vital. Material selection directly impacts the durability and performance of pumps. Home and Commercial home water pumps demand precise selection criteria, and proper installation and regular maintenance are essential for optimal operation.

    Choosing the Right Rainwater Tank Pump from Installed Today

    A range of rainwater tank pumps including jet pumps, pressure pumps, and submersible pumps | Featured image for Household Water Pumps Landing Page of Installed Today.

    Selecting an optimal rainwater tank pump from Installed Today’s comprehensive selection can significantly enhance your home and garden. Installed Today offers a variety of rainwater tank pumps, such as the high-quality household pressure pumps like the Tank Shop’s REEFE PRJ80E Jet Pressure pump designed for household water supply, and the Bianco INOX45S2MPCX pump, which is a JET pump suitable for situations requiring good pressure.

    These home water pumps showcase versatility, with diverse applications involving water tanks. The pressure pump is specifically designed for garden irrigation. For domestic use, the tank pumps can fulfill water supply needs including toilet flushing, laundry, and garden use.

    Rainwater tank pumps, such as those used with rain water tanks, boast significant performance features. For example, the Davey HS60-08T has a maximum flow rate of 110 litres per minute and a pressure of 490kPa.

    Jet Pump Excellence

    In a rainwater tank system, a jet pump operates by drawing drinking water from the tank and expelling it under pressure. Typically located at ground level near the tank, it comes with an integrated pressure manager for automated operation. When choosing a jet pump for a whole house residential water supply system, it is important to consider the following factors:

    - Flow rate

    - Inlet size

    - Maximum head

    - Pump capacity

    - Size of the house

    - Type of water source

    - Power supply

    - Budget


    Jet pumps uphold energy efficiency by leveraging the energy from a high-pressure fluid stream, effectively enhancing the pressure and flow of a low-pressure source and maintaining water pressure. Reputable brands of jet pumps well-suited for rainwater tanks include:

    - Bianco

    - Davey

    - ClayTech

    - Reefe Pumps

      Household Pressure Pumps for Constant Water Flow

      Pressure pumps, structured to ensure a steady water flow for diverse purposes, are ideal for home and garden irrigation. The Calpeda MÈTA pump, for instance, offers a plug and play solution with an integrated pressure transducer, check valve, and pressure vessel, providing significant benefits for a constant water system.

      This pump offers the following features:

      - Ensures a consistent pressure in the water system by utilizing its variable speed drive to regulate the pump’s start and stop

      - Can pump water up to a distance of 45 metres

      - Can handle up to 4 pop ups

      - Has a flow rate of 80 litres per minute

      Submersible Pumps for Quiet Operation

      Submersible home water pumps operate by drawing liquid and subsequently transferring it elsewhere. Their quiet operation is attributed to the fact that their motor is sealed and submerged, causing any noise they produce to be absorbed by the water. They are designed to be placed inside the tank and have the ability to pump water upwards through the top of the tank roof. Their submerged nature eliminates the need for priming, making them highly efficient for specific applications.

      One such pump is the Poly Tank Submersible Pump with Rain to Mains Valve. This robust submersible pump has been specifically engineered to provide an alternative mains water supply through a comprehensive Rain to Mains valve/controller system. This system guarantees uninterrupted water supply by seamlessly transitioning to mains water in the absence of tank water.

      Enhancing Garden Irrigation with Rainwater Pumps

      Efficient rainwater pumps for enhancing garden irrigation | Featured image for Household Water Pumps Landing Page of Installed Today.

      For a better garden irrigation system, the use of home water pumps is worth considering. A multistage pump, featuring two or more series-arranged impellers to aid fluid flow, enhances the watering efficiency in garden irrigation systems.

      Benefits of using a rainwater pump in your garden irrigation system include:

      - Acting as a backup water source during restrictions or shortages

      - Guaranteeing a steady water supply

      - Seamlessly incorporating with drip irrigation systems to enable accurate and regulated watering

      - Consider adding a rainwater pump to your garden irrigation system to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.


      Furthermore, water-saving controllers optimize water usage in rainwater irrigation systems by automatically adjusting the watering schedule based on weather conditions, such as rainfall, using sensors or pre-programmed settings. This prevents unnecessary watering during rainy periods, ultimately conserving water and preserving valuable resources. These controllers offer advantages by promoting efficient water use and allowing for customized settings tailored to the garden’s specific needs. This leads to:

      - Improved plant health

      - Time savings

      - Reduced water consumption

      - Overall expenses for the garden

      Multistage Pump Mastery

      Multistage household water pumps are defined as incorporating two or more impellers arranged in series through which the fluid passes. Each impeller serves to elevate the fluid’s energy, consequently raising its pressure. Upon entering the pump, the fluid traverses the impellers, undergoing acceleration, and subsequently exits at an elevated pressure level.

      The specified flow rate for the mentioned multistage pump is 116 litres per minute, and it is capable of pumping water up to a distance of 45 metres. Typical applications of the multistage pump include irrigation, powering sprayers, and garden hose applications.

      Water-Saving Controllers

      In garden irrigation systems, water-saving controllers aid in water conservation by controlling the amount and schedule of irrigation. They incorporate features like soil moisture sensors for adjusting watering and scheduling options to optimize water usage. These controllers operate by automatically modifying irrigation watering according to local weather conditions, enabling additional water conservation.

      Implementing a water-saving controller in a garden irrigation system has the potential to save up to 15% of water annually.

      Essential Features for Reliable Rain Water Pumps

      Essential features for reliable rainwater pumps including prime protection and dry running defense | Featured image for Household Water Pumps Landing Page of Installed Today.

      Choosing a reliable rainwater pump goes beyond considering its type and application. It’s also about the essential features that ensure the pump’s longevity and efficiency. Prime protection in rainwater pumps is a crucial feature designed to prevent the pump from operating when the rainwater tank is devoid of water. This feature safeguards the pump’s motor from potential damage and ensures optimal operational efficiency.

      Dry running defense, another key feature in rainwater pumps, aims to protect the pump’s motor from damage when water is absent. This feature halts pump operation when there is insufficient liquid, mitigating risks such as overheating, increased pressure, and flow issues, while safeguarding critical components like bearings and shaft seals.

      Prime Protection and Dry Running Defense

      Prime protection in rainwater pumps encompasses run-dry protection, a feature designed to safeguard the pump’s motor from damage in case the rainwater tank is empty. Likewise, a dry-running defense in a rainwater pump is a safeguard that protects the pump’s motor in case the rainwater tank is empty.

      The dry-running defense feature in rainwater pumps improves smooth operation by safeguarding the pump’s motor from potential damage when the rainwater tank is empty. It effectively prevents dry running, which can cause pressure surges, flow issues, or overheating.

      Material Matters: Ensuring Longevity

      Selecting appropriate materials plays a significant role in enhancing the durability and reliability of your rainwater pump. Stainless steel and polyethylene are widely acknowledged as some of the most durable materials for rainwater pumps. Their use contributes to the longevity and reliable performance of the pumps over time.

      The advantages of utilizing stainless steel in rainwater pumps encompass high dependability, low maintenance, resistance to solvents and acids, durability, and corrosion resistance. However, the utilization of different materials in rainwater pumps can lead to an array of corrosion risks, including cavitation corrosion, pitting and crevice corrosion, microbiologically influenced corrosion, galvanic corrosion, and erosive corrosion. The nature of the water, whether it is seawater or contaminated water, can exacerbate the extent of these risks.

      Integrating Rainwater Pumps into Your Home System

      Seamless integration of rainwater pumps into home system with automatic pressure controllers | Featured image for Household Water Pumps Landing Page of Installed Today.

      While the integration of a water pumps into your home system might appear daunting, it’s far from impossible. The process entails utilizing a low-powered pump to move water from the primary rainwater tank to a header tank. Subsequently, the rainwater can be distributed through gravity to the designated areas of the home.

      But potential challenges may arise during integration, such as clogs, leaks, overflows, and pump sizing and selection issues. These challenges can be overcome by troubleshooting clogs and leaks, ensuring proper overflow management, and properly sizing and selecting the pump for the system.

      Automatic pressure controllers amplify the efficiency of home water supply management by eliminating delays, reducing water wastage, and enabling users to set their preferred pressure range.

      The Role of Automatic Pressure Controllers

      An automatic pressure controller in a rainwater pump system:

      - Is a sophisticated device that integrates hydraulic and electronic elements

      - Monitors both pressure and flow concurrently

      - Automatically regulates the pump’s operation based on the system’s pressure and flow conditions.


      An automatic pressure controller plays a crucial role in preventing delays, minimizing vibrations, and enabling precise and accurate control of the water supply in a household water pumps. It achieves this by utilizing pressure sensors to continuously monitor the water pressure and automatically adjusting the pump speed to maintain a consistent water pressure. Additionally, automatic pressure controllers offer the advantage of maintaining a consistent water pressure, improving pump efficiency, and eliminating the need for manual operation, albeit with some limitations including the risk of pump failure, leaks, short cycles, and vulnerabilities to voltage spikes and surges.

      Selecting Pumps for Commercial Applications

      The selection of high-performance rainwater pumps for commercial use necessitates a distinct set of criteria. These pumps are durable and reliable irrigation water pumps that are engineered to provide quality pump solutions for industrial, commercial, residential, and other applications.

      The benefits of high-performance rainwater pumps in commercial environments include:

      - Efficient energy utilization

      - Reduced energy consumption and electricity costs through pump controllers

      - High energy efficiency ratings that minimize power consumption and operating costs

      - Improved irrigation efficiency for optimal water usage

      - Effective rainwater management reduces strain on infrastructure, conserves water, and enhances sustainability ratings.

      High-Performance Options for Maximum Demand

      High-performance rainwater pumps, like submersible pumps, are specifically engineered for installation inside rainwater storage tanks. They function by fully submerging in water and generating the required pressure to supply water for irrigation and industrial purposes. These pumps are integral in guaranteeing the provision of adequate water for the growth and prosperity of crops in agricultural environments.

      The performance of a rainwater pump in commercial applications is influenced by several key factors including:

      - Flow rate

      - Pressure

      - Efficiency

      - Power consumption

      - Maintenance requirements

      - The distance and number of water outlets

      Rainwater Pump Installation by Installed Today and Maintenance Tips

      Professional rainwater pump installation by Installed Today | Featured image for Household Water Pumps Landing Page of Installed Today.

      Installed Today offers expert services for rainwater pump installation and maintenance. The installation procedure includes:

      1. Tank positioning

      2. Base preparation

      3. Rainwater connection establishment

      4. Outlet connection setup


      For those who prefer a DIY approach, essential tools and materials such as:

      - Holesaw, jigsaw, or keyhole saw for cutting

      - Drill

      - Screws

      - Rain barrel or water tank

      - Base materials like bricks or cinder blocks may be necessary.


      Of course, safety should always come first. Keep water pumps away from walls and obstructions, turn off the pump if it overheats, refrain from operating the pump with wet hands, ensure proper grounding of the pump, and consistently follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

      DIY Installation Guide

      For those interested in self-installing a rainwater pump, essential equipment including fittings and hoses for pump-to-tank connection will be required. When installing a jet pump for a rainwater tank, it is important to ensure that all necessary fittings and hoses are available to establish the connection between the pump and the tank outlet.

      Properly securing the pump’s priming port and opening the valve between the tank and pump are essential, along with ensuring the leak-free condition of all inlet fittings and pipework. Lastly, connecting the pump inlet to the rainwater tank outlet using a kink-resistant hose is recommended for a safe installation.

      Keeping Your Pump in Top Condition

      Regular servicing is advisable to ensure water pumps continue to run in peak condition - monthly from October to March, quarterly from April to September, and biannually. Recommended practices for maintaining a rainwater pump include regular checking and cleaning of gutters, screens, and downpipes, inspection and cleaning of ball valves every six months, cleaning or servicing the rainwater system at the beginning of each new season, and quarterly emptying and cleaning of gutters, first flush diverters, and rain heads, especially when filled with debris.


      To summarize, choosing the right rainwater pump can significantly improve your home or commercial water supply system. Whether you opt for a jet pump, pressure pump, or submersible pump, the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs. Remember to take into account essential features like prime protection and dry running defense while also considering the materials used in the pump’s construction. And once you’ve made your choice, remember to keep up with regular maintenance to ensure your pump remains in top condition. Remember, every drop counts. Make the most of your rainwater with a reliable pump!

      Contact the Household Water Pumps Team from Installed Today

      Looking for reliable household pressure pumps? You’ve come to the right place! Complete your purchase online here to arrange the delivery of home water pumps straight to your front door. Our optional installation services allow us to make sure everything is set up correctly and running smoothly. Installed Today are your trusted name in household water pump and hot water system installation!

      Water Pumps Frequently Asked Questions

      What kind of pump do I need for a rainwater tank?

      You will need a multistage pump for your rainwater tank. It can provide a maximum water flow of around 100 liters per minute with a maximum head of between 30 and 60 meters.

      Can you use a rainwater tank without a pump?

      You can use a rainwater tank without a pump if you don't need the water pressure to match mains water pressure. However, if you want to connect an irrigation system or even a hose, you might need a pump. Consider the tank size and gravity feed for adequate water pressure.

      How does a rainwater pump work?

      A rainwater pump works by collecting rainwater from a catchment area, funneling it to the gutters and then into the tank, before being pulled out by a pump through a small pipe and passing through a filter for use.

      How much does a rainwater pump cost?

      A rainwater pump can cost anywhere from $200 to over $1000, depending on its capacity and features.

      What types of rainwater tank pumps are available at Installed Today?

      Installed Today offers a variety of rainwater tank pumps including jet pumps, pressure pumps, and submersible pumps. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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