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    2 products
    Bosch 16H LPG Gas Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Bosch 16H LPG Gas Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Bosch 16H LPG Gas Hot Water System
    Bosch 16H Natural Gas Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Bosch 16H Natural Gas Hot Water System - Installed Today
    Bosch 16H Natural Gas Hot Water System

    Efficient Bosch Hot Water Systems: Your Guide to Cost-Saving Comfort at Home

    When it comes to hot water, efficiency and reliability are key. Bosch hot water systems provide both, along with a range of models suited to various household sizes and energy preferences. This article guides you through the essentials, helping you select the right Bosch system for your home’s hot water needs.

    Key Takeaways

    • Bosch offers efficient continuous flow and heat pump hot water systems that can reduce energy consumption by up to 65%, offering various models with features like HydroPower and Compact Solutions tailored for different household needs.

    • The Compress 3000 heat pump exemplifies European-engineered heat pump excellence, efficiently operating across diverse Australian climates while reducing energy use substantially compared to conventional systems.

    • Bosch provides robust warranty and support for their hot water systems, including up to 10 years on heat exchangers and comprehensive labour warranties, underlining their commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

    Exploring Bosch Continuous Flow Hot Water

    Bosch hot water system in a modern home

    Bosch’s continuous flow hot water systems make the dream of unlimited hot water a reality in your home. These systems ensure an efficient supply of hot water that doesn’t deplete, offering energy efficiency by only heating water as required. Think of it as a personal hot water tap that’s always ready for you, day or night, without the dependency on solar or electricity peak times.

    Moreover, the impressive durability of Bosch’s continuous flow systems, with a lifespan of up to 20 years, surpasses that of traditional tank storage systems. This longevity translates into cost savings over time, making Bosch hot water systems a reliable and cost-effective solution for homeowners.

    The Efficiency of Bosch Continuous Flow Models

    The Highflow models, in particular, excel in energy efficiency among Bosch’s continuous flow systems. With a 5-star energy efficiency rating, these systems offer high levels of gas efficiency in home water heating. The Highflow series includes models 17e, 21e, and 26e, each capable of delivering 17, 21, and 26 litres per minute respectively. This means no matter the size of your household, there’s a Highflow model for you.

    The Highflow series distinguishes itself with the use of continuous flow technology, beyond just their efficiency. This technology heats water on demand, eliminating the need for a storage tank and minimizing environmental impact. It’s a win-win solution for both your home and the environment.

    HydroPower Technology in Action

    One of the unique features of Bosch’s innovative hot water systems is the HydroPower ignition. This technology allows for automatic ignition without the need for electric power, translating into energy efficiency and convenience. The HydroPower ignition system, featured in models like the 16H, is responsive to water flow. So as soon as you open a hot water tap, the heating process begins, and when the tap is closed, the system stops - a perfect example of technology working in harmony with your needs.

    Bosch’s HydroPower hot water systems are available in various capacities - 10L, 13L, and 16L - designed for external installation and adaptable to both Natural and LP gas sources. At the heart of these systems is a hydrogenerator which transforms the energy produced by flowing water into electrical energy necessary to ignite and power the system. It’s this kind of forward-thinking design that sets Bosch apart in the realm of hot water solutions.

    Compact Solutions for Smaller Homes

    Bosch’s Internal Compact hot water systems, such as the Bosch hot water heater, are the perfect solution for those living in apartments or smaller houses where space is at a premium. These systems are specifically designed for homes with a small area of space available, offering all the benefits of efficient continuous flow technology in a compact package.

    These compact hot water systems come in capacities of 10L, 13L, and 16L, ensuring they can meet the hot water needs of small home environments. They are also equipped with a digital temperature display for easy monitoring and control. And with a comprehensive warranty to ensure proper operation, you have the peace of mind of knowing you’re in good hands.

    Harnessing the Sun: Bosch Solar Hot Water Options

    Bosch solar hot water system with smart controls

    For environmentally conscious users, Bosch provides an extensive range of solar hot water systems. These systems can:

    • Reduce your hot water energy consumption by up to 65%

    • Significantly lower running costs

    • Reduce your carbon footprint

    • Come with smart controls that can be programmed according to your needs

    • Work in conjunction with photovoltaic solar systems, maximizing your energy savings.

    Bosch’s commitment to quality is evident in their robust warranty offerings. Their Solar Hot Water Heaters come with warranties that cover:

    • Storage tank parts for 5 years

    • Storage tank labour for 3 years

    • Solar collector parts for 7 years

    • Solar collector labour for 1 year

    So with Bosch, you’re not just investing in a hot water system; you’re investing in peace of mind.

    Solar Wizard: Ground Storage Meets Rooftop Collection

    Bosch’s Solar Wizard system exemplifies intelligent design. This direct solar heating system combines a ground-mounted tank with rooftop collectors for effective water heating. The Solar Wizard systems offer storage cylinders in 250 litre, 300 litre, or 400 litre options, ensuring they can cater to the hot water needs of various household sizes.

    The Solar Wizard system includes:

    • Capacity and consistency

    • Electric or gas boosting options for hot water during less sunny times

    • Flat plate glass solar collectors

    • Solar controller with built-in frost protection

    These features, along with other components, ensure that the system can function effectively in colder climates by adapting to the surrounding air.

    Top-of-the-House Efficiency: Bosch Roof Mounted Solar

    For those who prefer a more streamlined aesthetic, Bosch offers the TSS 300 Thermosyphon system. This rooftop solar hot water system works without a pump or controller, relying instead on the thermosyphon principle for operation. This innovative design allows for maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance.

    Beyond its functionality, the TSS 300 is a testament to Bosch’s commitment to quality and versatility. The system comes with comprehensive warranties, ensuring customers can trust in its reliability and durability. Moreover, Bosch provides mounting kits for both flat roofs and cyclone-prone areas, demonstrating the system’s adaptability to various installation environments.

    With its efficient use of solar energy and European design, Bosch’s rooftop solar hot water system is truly top-of-the-house efficiency, harnessing the energy created from the sun.

    Innovative Heat Pump Solutions by Bosch

    Bosch heat pump Compress 3000 in a residential setting

    Heat pumps are revolutionizing the world of hot water systems. Bosch’s heat pump solutions, such as the Bosch heat pump Compress 3000, can:

    • Reduce energy use by up to 65% compared to conventional electric storage hot water systems

    • Equipped with smart controls to set operating times

    • Integrate with PV solar electric systems for even greater efficiency.

    The Compress 3000, offering the largest range of operation, is designed for ease of installation and servicing, and it operates efficiently in a broad temperature range from -7°C to 40°C, making it suitable for most locations in Australia.

    Key features of the Compress 3000 include:

    • Designed for households of 3 to 4 people

    • Storage capacity of 270 Litres

    • Air to water heat pump developed in Europe

    • Noise reduction mode

    • Large LCD display that provides statistical and diagnostic information for maintenance

    With its efficient operation and user-friendly features, the Compress 3000 is a model of European-engineered heat pump excellence.

    Compress 3000: European-Engineered Heat Pump Excellence

    The Bosch Compress 3000 is a testament to the wonders of European engineering. This heat pump offers the following features:

    • Operates efficiently in a wide temperature range from as low as -7°C to up to 40°C

    • Can adapt to various Australian climates

    • Provides reliable hot water year-round

    With its 270-litre storage tank, the Compress 3000 is optimized for medium-sized households, reducing the need for frequent heat cycles and contributing to energy conservation. And to ensure that customers can trust in the quality and reliability of the Compress 3000, Bosch provides a 5-year warranty on the storage tank and a 2-year warranty on parts and labour.

    Gas-Fueled Hot Water Excellence with Bosch

    Bosch gas hot water system with HydroPower ignition

    Bosch’s gas hot water systems excel in terms of:

    • Proven performance

    • Reliability

    • Efficient and consistent hot water supply without the need for external power

    • Fewer components susceptible to the elements, resulting in less maintenance compared to systems with storage tanks or solar panels.

    Bosch’s innovative gas hot water systems include:

    • HydroPower, which operates without the need for a power point or batteries, making it ideal for locations with limited access to electricity

    • Pilot Ignition, which also operates without the need for a power point or batteries

    • The HydroPower 16H model, which accommodates both natural gas and LPG, providing homeowners with flexible fueling options to meet their specific needs.

    The Convenience of HydroPower Without the Plug

    Another innovative feature of Bosch’s gas hot water systems is the HydroPower ignition technology. This technology streamlines the installation process by removing the complexity of electrical hookups, providing greater flexibility in selecting installation locations.

    Hydropower models, including external hydropower models, offer the following benefits:

    • Instant heating as soon as the tap is turned on, providing immediate hot water supply

    • Plug-free operation, simplifying ongoing maintenance

    • Enhanced convenience, making your life easier

    These features demonstrate that Bosch is always thinking about how to make your life easier.

    Pilot Ignition Systems: The Reliable Classic

    The reliability of hot water heating technology is exemplified in Bosch’s Pilot Ignition systems. These systems utilize a constantly-lit pilot light that ignites the burner upon opening a hot water tap, providing an efficient and reliable hot water supply.

    These systems are available in 10L, 13L, and 16L capacities and can be installed flexibly in locations without a power connection, demonstrating Bosch’s attention to varying household needs. And with each Bosch Pilot Ignition water heater undergoing rigorous factory testing and offering lifetime service support post-warranty, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of your Bosch hot water system.

    Ensuring Quality and Savings with Bosch Hot Water

    The quality and savings offered by Bosch’s hot water systems are a testament to their commitment. With over 30 years of proven performance and reliability in Australian homes, Bosch has a solid reputation that gives homeowners peace of mind.

    Their continuous flow hot water systems include a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger (part only) and a 3-year labour warranty on labour and parts. The Bosch HydroPower range and Bosch Internal Compact models feature a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger (part only) and a 2-year labour warranty on labour and parts.

    Furthermore, Bosch ensures first-rate service throughout the lifetime of the appliance, signifying their dedication to customer satisfaction.


    In conclusion, Bosch’s hot water systems offer an impressive blend of innovation, efficiency, and reliability. Whether it’s the continuous flow technology, the HydroPower ignition, solar hot water options, or the heat pump solutions, Bosch has a hot water system that caters to the unique needs of every home. Backed by strong warranties and a reputation for quality, Bosch hot water systems are a smart choice for any homeowner seeking cost-saving comfort at home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does a Bosch hot water system last?

    A well-maintained Bosch Gas hot water system can last for 20 to 30 years, making it a durable and reliable choice for your home.

    How does Bosch hot water system work?

    The Bosch Internal HydroPower series utilizes the flow of water to generate the electric energy needed to operate the appliance when a hot tap is opened. This process eliminates the need for an external power source.

    What is the difference between Bosch 10H and 10P?

    The Bosch 10H is a great upgrade from the Bosch 10P, featuring hydro pack ignition which saves on gas usage, making it a common replacement hot water system across Perth.

    What is the most efficient hot water heating system?

    The most efficient hot water heating system is a heat pump water heater, which can extract heat from the ambient air to heat the water in the tank. It uses much less electricity than an electric storage water heater.

    What is the advantage of Bosch's continuous flow hot water systems?

    The advantage of Bosch's continuous flow hot water systems is the efficient supply of hot water that never runs out, as they only heat water as needed, reducing energy usage and offering better water quality. These systems also have an expected lifespan of up to 20 years, providing longevity over traditional tank storage systems.

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