Installer Agreement Details - Hot Water Systems

Installer Agreement

This Installer Agreement ("Agreement") is made effective as of [Effective Date] ____________, by and between Installed Today by JR Gas & Water, located at 49-53 Barcoo Drive, New Beith 4124 ("Company"), and __________________________, located at ____________________________________________________________________ ("Installer").

1. Services

The Installer agrees to provide installation services ("Services") for the Company’s customers who purchase [Product(s) Name] from the Company. The Services must be completed in accordance with the specifications set forth by the Company and within the time frame agreed upon between the Installer and the customer.

2. Payment

The Installer will collect all payments for installation services directly from the customer. The Company will not be responsible for collecting or processing payments for the Services provided under this Agreement.

3. Quality of Services

The Installer agrees to perform the Services at a high standard of quality, in compliance with all applicable Australian laws, regulations, and industry standards, as well as the specific rules and regulations of the state in which the Services are performed. The Installer must ensure that all Services are performed by qualified and skilled personnel.

4. Warranty and Repairs

The Installer shall provide a warranty for the Services performed for a period of [Warranty Period] from the date of installation. The Installer is responsible for repairing or correcting any defective or unsatisfactory work at no additional charge to the customer or the Company.

5. Insurance and Liability

The Installer shall maintain at its own expense, during the term of this Agreement, comprehensive general liability insurance with limits not less than [Insurance Amount]. The Installer agrees to indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any claims, damages, or expenses arising from the Installer's performance or breach of this Agreement.

6. Independent Contractor Status

The Installer is an independent contractor and is not considered an employee, agent, or partner of the Company. The Installer is solely responsible for all taxes, withholdings, and other statutory or contractual obligations of any sort.

7. Confidentiality

The Installer agrees not to disclose or use for their own benefit any proprietary or confidential information of the Company without the Company's written consent.

8. Electrical Work Partnership

The Installer agrees to maintain a working relationship with a licensed electrical company capable of performing any additional electrical work that may be required during the installation of [Product(s) Name]. The Installer is responsible for coordinating and ensuring the completion of any necessary electrical work at the rates quoted to the customer prior to the commencement of the installation. All electrical work must meet the quality standards outlined in this Agreement and comply with all applicable Australian laws and regulations, as well as the specific rules and regulations of the state in which the Services are performed.


10. Termination

This Agreement may be terminated by either party upon [Notice Period] notice to the other party. Upon termination, the Installer must return all materials and property belonging to the Company.

11. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Australia. The Installer is required to comply with all applicable Australian laws, as well as the specific rules and regulations of the state in which they are providing Services.

12. Online Business Reputation

The Installer agrees to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and customer service in the performance of Services, aiming to uphold and enhance the online business reputation of "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water. The Installer is required to achieve and maintain a minimum 4.5-star average rating across Google, Product Review, Facebook, and any other online review platforms where services related to the Company may be rated by customers.

13. Customer Dispute Resolution Timeframes

The Installer is required to acknowledge and initiate the resolution process for any customer dispute within 1 business day of receiving the complaint and resolve any disputes within 5 business days of their initiation.

14. Rectification Work Timeframes

Upon notification of any deficiencies, the Installer must acknowledge receipt within 1 business day and complete all necessary rectification work within 2 business days from the acknowledgment.

15. Customer Contact and Scheduling

Upon receiving an order, the Company will provide the Installer with the order details and customer's contact information. The Installer must contact the customer within 2 hours of receiving these details to confirm the order and begin the scheduling process. The Installer is responsible for arranging a suitable installation time with the customer, aiming to schedule the service at the earliest convenience for both the customer and the Installer. The Installer must maintain professional communication with the customer throughout this process and ensure all necessary information regarding the installation is clearly conveyed.

16. Rebates to JR Gas & Water

As part of the collaboration between the Installer and "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water, the Installer agrees to provide a rebate back to JR Gas & Water for each completed installation referred by the Company. The rebate structure is as follows:

Standard Systems: A rebate of $25 for each completed installation of all systems, excluding heat pumps.

Heat Pumps: A rebate of $50 for each completed installation of heat pump systems.

Rebate Calculation and Payment Schedule

Annual Calculation: Fees are calculated annually on the 1st of January for the previous year's completed work. To qualify for rebate payments, the Installer must have completed a minimum of 6 months as an approved installer for "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water.

Minimum Job Requirement: If fewer than 10 jobs have been completed within the specified 12-month period, no rebate fees will be applicable for that period.

Quarterly Payments: After completing the minimum 6-month period as an installer, and assuming the minimum of 10 jobs has been met, rebate fees will be calculated and charged quarterly to ensure a consistent contribution towards the collaborative marketing and lead generation efforts facilitated by "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water.


The Installer is required to maintain accurate records of all installations completed through referrals from "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water and must provide these records upon request to facilitate the calculation of rebate fees. The Company reserves the right to audit these records to verify the accuracy of completed installations and corresponding rebate amounts.

This rebate agreement is designed to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the Installer and "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water, recognizing the value of the referrals provided and supporting the ongoing marketing efforts that benefit both parties

17. Fixed Rate Pricing for Additional Work

For installations that require work beyond the standard "like-for-like" replacement scope, "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water provides transparent, fixed-rate pricing for any additional services that may be necessary due to legal, safety, or manufacturer requirements. These fixed rates ensure clarity and avoid any surprises for both the customer and the installer. Below is the pricing for potential additional requirements:


Gas Main Upgrades: +$75 per meter

LPG Regulator Replacement - 250mj Manual: +$250

LPG Regulator Replacement - 450mj Auto: +$350

LPG Gas Bottle Restraint Set: +$50

Additional Pipework (outside of package inclusions): +$45 per meter supplied and fitted

Electrical Extensions (where power does not reach the required connection point): +$350

RCBO Safety Switch (required if power is to be extended): +$200

Internal Installations: +$150

Internal Installations Requiring Safe Tray and Mildred Valve: +$450

Water Main Location and/or Subsurface Relocation Externally: +$550

New Concrete Support Bases: +$80

New Plastic "Pizza Type" Support Spacer: +$50

Excavation: $850 per square meter

Element Swaps: +$80

Fixture Relocation or Removal (including access clearing or any disassembly required to access site): +$35 per 15 minutes

Two-Man Install (required where access issues prevent safe completion by a single person): +$200

Electrical New Circuit (includes circuit up to 10m in single phase): +$600

Hot Water System Disposal (excluding Heat Pump and Solar): +$80

Heat Pump/Solar System Disposal: +$120

Solar Removal from Roof Including Crane Hire: +$900

System Relocations Including Plumbing and Electrical: +$1200

LPG Manifold - 3 Bottle: +$200

LPG Manifold - 4 Bottle: +$250

Key Pickup and Delivery for Real Estate: +$75 per drop off/pickup

18. Provision of Sundries and Fittings

To ensure the highest quality and completeness of each installation, the Installer is responsible for supplying all necessary sundries and fittings required to complete the installation to the standards specified by "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water. This includes, but is not limited to, the provision of clips, joiners, adapters, and any other miscellaneous items that are essential for a successful and compliant installation.


Supply of Materials: The Installer shall provide all sundries and fittings necessary for the installation. These materials must meet or exceed the quality standards required by applicable regulations, manufacturer requirements, and best practice guidelines.

Inventory Management: The Installer is expected to maintain an adequate inventory of common sundries and fittings to avoid delays in the installation process. This includes planning for potential unique requirements based on the installation type or specific customer needs.

Costs and Reimbursements: The cost of these sundries and fittings is included within the overall installation fee, and no additional charges for these materials shall be passed on to the customer unless previously agreed upon in writing for unique or extraordinary circumstances.

Scope of Supplies:

This provision covers a wide range of materials that are typically required for the types of installations facilitated by "Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water, including but not limited to:

Pipe clips and brackets for secure installation

Joiners and couplings for piping adjustments

Adapters for connecting dissimilar materials or sizes

Any other minor components necessary to ensure a secure, compliant, and functional installation

Quality Assurance:

The Installer is responsible for ensuring that all supplied sundries and fittings comply with the relevant Australian Standards, codes, and manufacturer recommendations. The use of substandard or inappropriate materials can lead to system failures, safety hazards, and may result in the Installer being held liable for any resultant damages or non-compliance issues.

"Installed Today" by JR Gas & Water is committed to providing customers with high-quality installations. The provision of the necessary sundries and fittings by the Installer is crucial for upholding these standards and ensuring customer satisfaction and safety.

19. Entire Agreement

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any prior understandings or agreements, whether oral or written.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first above written.


Installed Today by JR Gas & Water: ___________________________ Date: __________


Installer: ___________________________ Date: __________

From our customers


Sean phoned to confirm what time he would be on-site to remove and install the new Rheem Hot water cylinder. He arrived on time and set about removing the old cylinder and installing the new . He worked non stop with the installation which was completed to a very high standard. He cleaned up any mess and after loading the truck he ran through the install showing me what did what and if I had any problems to let the company know. It was good to see a conscientious tradesman at work.Thanks Sean, a great job

Gill and Malcolm Swain
Brisbane, Queensland

Lachlan and Sean came on time for replacing hot water system, which was booked a week ago. Both did a great job and answered my questions. I will recommend friends to use their services.

Brisbane, Queensland

What a great experience. Needing hot water replacement. JR Gas & Water provided quick, easy and well defined scope of works. They were quick to respond. Tradies keep me informed before, during and after the job. Sean and Mark did a great job. Workmanship excellent and the price was good. Highly recommended. JR Gas and Water set the standard for customer service. Great job, well done and highly satisfied. Enviro heat Pump is awesome.

K Hain
Brisbane, Queensland

I actually phoned Jared by error - I am so glad I did! - he straight away asked if he could help ! and he had a plumber on sight quickly and replaced a hot water system professional and on time

Lorraine Kerr
Brisbane, Queensland

Jared, Sean and Mark has done a fabulous job installing a new hot water system for me. The whole process from quote to installation took less than a week and it's painless! Thank you team for your prompt and professional work! We highly recommend JR gas and water.

Brisbane, Queensland

Very happy with JR Gas and Water, for a new Rheem Steller hot water system installed last week. Sean the installer was very polite and friendly, professional. Owner Jarrod very professional and helpful. We have used this Company twice in two years with two properties. Many thanks.

Jacqui Kennedy
Brisbane, Queensland

Josh and Brandon arrived on site and explained what they were going to do. Took minimal time to do the job and explained the warranty and maintenance procedures before they left. They gave me peace of mind by stating they would return within the 10 year warranty period if any trouble occurred with the system. I found both boys to be polite and courteous and took the time at the end to show what was replaced and how to operate it. From start of the booking process at 7:30 am to the completion of the job at 3:00 pm the same day, JR Gas kept me informed of the progress of the job and the whole booking system was quick and easy. Thank you for allowing us to have hot showers tonight. I found the Gold Service to be better value than other competing Hot Water replacement services without the extras like new pipes and slab.

Bruce Prince
Brisbane, Queensland

Very helpful and fast service. Called in the morning and had a new hot water system installed in the afternoon. Very friendly and helpful installer.

Robert Annetts
Brisbane, Queensland

Best service ever ! I have been given quick response and converting gas HWU to electrical HWU including cooktops.Workdone as per mentioned. Jarred and Mark both providing alternative solution to install the units and new electrical work. Helpful and informative which giving me big relief and ready for Christmas !

Jj Cool
Brisbane, Queensland


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