Aquatech X6 Rapid 210L Heat Pump Hot Water System

Aquatech X6 Rapid 210L Heat Pump Hot Water System - Installed Today
Aquatech X6 Rapid 210L Heat Pump Hot Water System - Installed Today

Aquatech X6 Rapid 210L Heat Pump Hot Water System

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Same day installation is only available business days (Monday-Friday EXC Public Holidays) with online purchases prior to 8am, all orders after 8am will be installed the following business day unless availability has been confirmed in writing prior. The installer will advise of installation time and where the customer is not available the installation will be moved to the following day.

All online packages are for a like for like (see definition below) EXTERNAL (outside building lines) replacement of existing compliant installation only and installation fees do not cover relocating the system, upgrades to current standards, electrical supply alterations outside of a standard disconnect/reconnect, upgrades due to insufficient gas, water or power supplies or repairs of any kind outside of the hot water system. All electrical hot water systems must be perpendicular to the wall with the electrical connection at the front and center facing forward.

All installations are for replacement of an existing system only (excluding water filters) and must be EXTERNAL to the building unless confirmed with installed today prior in writing. Please note where installed internally additional rates and conditions apply.

Installed Today will arrange a reputable installer to install your system when requested. All workmanship warranties will be between the purchaser and the installer. All product warranties will be handled by Installed Today.


Price for installation includes the valve kit only plus applicable basic sundries. Where required the installer will provide pricing for any additional work outside a standard like for like external installation not mentioned in rates below.

Please see rates below for any additional required work and all additional work is to be paid directly to the installer. Note some work may be mandatory to meet any legal or manufacturer requirements and will be added to your final invoice. Other work may be required if the selected system is not a like for like EXTERNAL replacement and only optional extras not required will be discussed prior to installation.

Where you require explicit costs prior to install please send a photo of the existing system to help@installedtoday for clarification at least 1 business day prior to installation if extra additional work is needed. Confirmation of photos being received and viewed will be sent via email.

Installers may send quotes reconfirming the rates below prior to install for approval along with same day payment conditions. Quoted installation rates apply only to payment at time of install of within 24hours of invoice issue only. Any discounts applied for prompt payment will be removed from quotes when paid outside the agreed time period. Any quotes issued will require approval prior to any installation taking place. 

Possible Mandatory Requirements for External Like for Like Replacements (added to invoice where legally or manufacturer required)
1. Gas main upgrades +$75pm
2. LPG Regulator Replacement - 250mj Manual +$250
3. LPG Regulator Replacement - 450mj Auto +$350
4. LPG Gas Bottle Restraint Set +$50
5. Additional pipework outside of package inclusions +$45pm supplied and fitted
6. Electrical extensions where the power does not reach the required connection point +$350
7. RCBO Safety switch where required if power is to be extended +$200
8. Internal Installations +$150
9. Internal Installations Requiring Safe Tray and Mildred Valve +$450
10. Water main location and/or subsurface relocation externally +$550
11. New concrete Support Bases +$80
12. New plastic pizza type support spacer +$50
13. Excavation $850m2
14. Element Swaps +$80
15. Fixture relocation or removal, inc access clearing or any disassembly required to access site (+$35 per 15minutes)
16. Two man install where access issues noted below are applicable and installation is not safe to be completed by a single person +$200

Optional Extras
17. Electrical new circuit +$600 includes circuit upto 10m in single phase
18. Hot water System Disposal exc Heat Pump and Solar +$80
19. Heat Pump/Solar system disposal +$120
20. Solar Removal from Roof Inc Crane Hire +$900
21. System Relocations inc Plumbing and Electrical +$1200
22. LPG Manifold - 3 Bottle +$200
23. LPG Manifold - 4 Bottle +$250
24. Key pickup and delivery for real estate +$75 per drop off/pickup

Two man install where access issues noted below are applicable and installation is not safe to be completed by a single person (+$200). Access for installation is to be free of stairs, steep driveways, through homes, over retaining walls, in ceilings. Unit must be able to be maneuvered by hand trolley from vehicle to installation position without being carried. Confirmation from installed today in writing of access suitability where any of the above conditions apply.


Like for like replacement includes the following replacement types below ONLY. Note all systems are for replacement installation only in an external compliant position. Please confirm the system will fit in the desired position prior to purchasing. If in doubt please send pictures to to confirm.

A. Gas storage replaced with Gas Storage

B. Continuous Flow replaced with Gas Storage

C. Continuous Flow replaced with Continuous Flow (Note power point must be reused and/or preinstalled)

D. Electric Storage replaced with Electric Storage

E. Electric Storage replaced with Heat pump 

F. Heat pump replaced with Heat pump

G. Heat pump replaced with Electric Storage (May require electrician to extend circuit at additional cost)

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I cant speak highly enough of the service these guys provided, if was amazing. Super quick and friendly as well. Thank you very much for sorting out our hot water

Justin W
Brisbane, QLD

Quick efficient service. No hidden fees. Even get rid of old broken hot water system. Thank you!

Mark T
Brisbane, QLD

Sean was very professional and did a great job 👏

Supriya C
Brisbane, QLD

Great service and value for money

Jay P
Brisbane, QLD

Very impressed with the service by JR GAS and WATER!!. Immediate response and very professional. Prices up front on the website and communication throughout. Due to Christmas closures the Enviroheat 250EH1-15 Heat Pump Water Heater was not available until the supplier reopened in 5 days time. JR Gas and Water arranged to pick it up 6am on the day they opened and arrived at my house at 7am for a seemless install. The installers Brandon and Lachlan were great to deal with and have completed a very neat and professional install. The Enviroheat unit is quiet, stylish and heated up quickly. The unit looks extremely well made and I am very happy with my choice in both Enviroheat and JR Gas and Water. Thanks again guys!

Brisbane, QLD

Aquatech Rapid X6 heat pump - your hot water solution - maximizes efficiency.

Are you considering upgrading your hot water system at home? You might want to consider the Aquatech Rapid-X6 heatpump. The Rapid X6 is known for its energy-efficiency and seamless integration into existing setups. It also offers potential cost savings and consistent hot water. This article will explain how the Rapid X6 stands out from other models in terms of performance, installation, and eco-friendliness. It provides insights that can help you make a more informed decision.

The Key Takeaways

  • The Aquatech Rapid X6 heat pump is a compact and energy-efficient alternative to traditional electric water heaters. It boasts a high Coefficient Of Performance, as well as multiple heating modes that can be tailored to the needs of your household.

  • The installation of the Rapid X6 can be completed in 2-3 hours, requiring a plumber who is licensed and adheres to Australian Standards. It also has solar PV compatibility, and offers environmental benefits because of its R290 natural refrigerant.

  • Rapid X6 offers a long-term financial savings and is environmentally friendly. It has a durable design that lasts 10-15 years and requires minimal maintenance.

Aquatech Rapid X6 Features

The Aquatech Rapid X6 Heat Pump is not your average heat pump hot water system. This compact powerhouse, standing at a height of 1582mm and width of 620mm, is engineered to seamlessly replace traditional electric water heaters without demanding extra space.

Performance is more important than size. The Rapid X6 is a powerful vehicle.

  • A Coefficient of Performance of 4.90 indicates high energy efficiency

  • Consistently hot water at a low cost

  • Water heating technology that uses less energy

Compact Design

Rapid X6 is a compact heatpump that stands out for its compact design. This small, powerful heat pump makes it easy to switch from electric water heaters. Its dimensions are compatible to the standard installation footprint for a 250L electrical system. This makes it a great option for homeowners who want a quick, easy upgrade.

The Rapid X6 measures 1582 mm high and 620 mm wide, and fits perfectly into the same footprint as traditional electric water heaters.

Energy Efficiency

Rapid X6 is also known for its high energy efficiency. This heat pump has a 350% efficiency rating, which reduces the annual operating costs. The Rapid X6 is a wise investment for homeowners because it offers significant savings.

The heat pump's efficiency is not just impressive on paper. It has real benefits. Rapid X6’s superior performance optimizes household energy consumption, and matches demand for hotwater. This further reinforces its high efficiency.

Unique Heating Modes

Rapid X6 has four different heating modes to suit your needs.

  • Eco mode

  • Standard mode

  • Hybrid mode

  • Hybrid+ mode

The Boost mode increases the output of hot water. Each mode has a specific trigger temperature and set temperature to optimize either efficiency or capacity.

Hybrid mode is unique as it combines solar power with timer controlled heat-up cycles. It maintains a maximum temperature 70degC, and has a standby heating element of 1800W. ECO and HYBRID+ modes minimize heating cycles, optimize heat pump and heating element heating and reduce energy waste.

Installation Process

The installation process of the Rapid X6 is as efficient as the device itself. The prerequisites involve a like-for-like external replacement of an existing compliant hot water system installation. However, it should be noted that additional services such as relocating the system, alterations to the electrical supply, addressing inadequate gas, water, or power supplies, or repairing unrelated issues are not covered by the standard installation fees.

The installation is typically completed in 24-48 hours, and the actual installation itself takes about 2-3 hours.

Installation Requirements

Installation of the Rapid X6 is successful if you follow a few simple steps:

  • Hardwired and isolated electrical connection that operates on a supply voltage of 220-240V/50-60 V

  • Heat pumps require a space of 30 cubic metres.

  • Heat pump and tank should be separated by a vertical distance up to 5 meters, and a horizontal space of 10 metres.

The owner's guide provides detailed installation instructions, including specific orientation guidelines.

The installation must also be done by a plumber who is licensed and adheres to AS/NZS as well as other relevant Australian Standards that govern construction and performance.

Time frame

The hands-on installation takes only 2-3 hours. Installation time can be affected by a number of factors including accessibility. The rapid X6 installation is straightforward, which may make it more efficient than other systems.

Compatibility with Solar PV Systems

The Rapid X6 is not an isolated system. It can seamlessly merge with solar PV systems, resulting in increased efficiency and environmental benefits. The integration process is straightforward, enabling an efficient utilization of solar energy for hot water solutions.

Rapid X6 features include:

  • Integrate and maximize solar energy usage with timer-controlled heating cycles

  • Hybrid heating technology with four unique heating settings to match household needs

  • Reduced energy consumption and cost savings

Solar PV systems are more efficient with these features.

Maximizing Solar PV Efficiency

Rapid X6 was designed to maximize the use of solar PV systems. It has the following features:

  • Solar energy tracking controllers with intelligent controls

  • Synchronization between heat pump operation and peak solar energy production

  • The optimal use of renewable energy

Rapid X6 features include:

  • Heat-up cycles are controlled by a timer and synchronized with solar PV production periods.

  • Solar energy: a practical guide to maximizing its efficiency

  • Cost Savings

  • Reduced environmental footprint

Environmental Impact

The Rapid X6 heat pump is not only efficient, but also environmentally friendly. The heat pump uses R290 natural refrigerant which is virtually free of global warming potential and has zero Ozone Depletion Potential.

As a Clean Energy registered product, Rapid X6 offers a carbon reduction rating each year of 3 tonnes. This further reduces its environmental impact.

Discounts and incentives

The benefits of investing in the Rapid X6 go beyond saving the environment and reducing utility bills. It can also result in financial incentives such as rebates. Rapid X6 buyers can receive federal rebates up to $2000. This is a substantial savings for them.

Depending on where the user lives, there are also state rebates that can lead to significant long-term energy savings.

Federal Rebates

Federal rebates can save homeowners a lot of money when they install the Rapid X6. The upfront cost of a heat pump can be reduced significantly with rebates up to $2000. These rebates are available to homeowners who purchase a Rapid X6, a clean energy product registered with the government, and then follow the simple application process.

State Rebates

State rebates may also help to reduce the cost of installation for the Rapid X6. The rebates are different in each state.

In California, for example, households can qualify for both federal and state rebates. This includes a federal tax credit worth $2000, or 30%, of the total cost. Residents of Texas can apply for state rebates under the HOMES Rebate or HEAR Rebate program, which offers up to $2000 initial savings.

Durability and Maintenance

The Rapid X6 is not merely a short-term solution; it’s designed for long-term use. The heat pump utilizes 2.5mm sheeting and X-Class enamel coatings for its tanks, exceeding industry standards in thickness. The tanks and components have an anticipated average lifespan of 10-15 years.

The Rapid X6 is easy to maintain, which makes it a reliable and convenient choice for homeowners.

Tank and Components Lifespan

Its construction demonstrates the durability of the Rapid X6. The tank has been constructed with Vitreous enamel for durability. Its external components have been enclosed in a metal exterior to provide maximum resilience. The robust design of the heat pump contributes to its long life of 10-15 years. This is comparable or even exceeds other heat pumps of high quality on the market.

The Rapid X6 is backed by a 5-year warranty covering all components of the system, including the tank, compressor and other parts.

Maintenance Requirements

Rapid X6 is a high-performance device that requires minimal maintenance. No maintenance is required. It is recommended to check the plumbing valves in the hot water system according to Australian Watermark Standards.

The Rapid X6 will continue to function efficiently, and provide a constant hot water supply. This is achieved by a simple maintenance procedure.

You can read more about it here:

The Aquatech Rapid X6 heat pump is a game changer in the hot water industry. From its compact design, superior energy efficiency and compatibility with Solar PV systems to its unique heating mode and compatibility, it's a true revolution. The Rapid X6 heat pump is a smart investment because of its simple installation, federal and state rebates and low maintenance. The Aquatech Rapid X6 heat pump is a great choice for anyone looking to lower their energy bills, reduce their environmental impact, or just enjoy a constant supply of hotwater.


What is the Aquatech X6 price?

The Aquatech Rapid 210L Heat Pump Hot Water System is priced at $2099.

What is the best heatpump to buy in Australia

Rheem is the best heat pump in Australia. It's known for its high-quality hot water and energy-efficient system.

What is the warranty for rapid X6?

The warranty for the Rapid X6 system is six years. This covers all components of the system, including the tank, compressor, and the pump. Aquatech Systems, the company that backs this product, offers a 5-year warranty on all system components.

What makes Aquatech Rapid Heat Pump X6 unique?

Aquatech Rapid X6 heat pump is unique because of its compact design, energy-efficient, unique heating modes and compatibility with Solar PV systems. It offers a versatile, efficient and effective heating solution.

How long does it take to install the Rapid X6?

Installation of the Rapid X6 usually takes between 2-3 hours. However, the total installation time may be up to 48 hours.

Installation Service (Optional):
For your convenience, we offer an optional installation service through our network of trusted and professional contractors. Please note, the installation service is a separate arrangement directly between you and the contractor. Installation fees are to be paid directly to the contractor. We have carefully selected contractors based on their expertise and customer service to ensure you receive the best installation experience.

How It Works:

  1. Select Installation Service: Indicate your interest in installation service during the checkout process.
  2. Contractor Assignment: We will assign a certified contractor from our network to handle your installation.
  3. Payment for Installation: Please be aware that the payment for the installation service is to be made directly to the contractor. We do not collect installation charges on behalf of the contractor.
  4. Schedule Your Installation: The assigned contractor will contact you to schedule the installation at your convenience.
  5. Direct Support: For any questions or support related to the installation process, please direct your inquiries to the contractor.

Please Note: Our role is to supply the product and facilitate the connection with a certified contractor for installation services. All agreements, payments, and warranties related to the installation are between you and the contractor.

Experience the "Installed Today" Difference with Our Verified Installers

When you choose "Installed Today" for your installation needs, you're not just getting a product; you're gaining access to a network of rigorously verified installers dedicated to providing you with an exceptional service experience. Here's what you can expect when you opt for an installation by an "Installed Today" verified installer:

Professional and Efficient Service

  • Prompt Communication: Our verified installers will contact you within 2 business hours of receiving your order details to confirm and begin scheduling your installation at the earliest convenience.
  • Expert Installation: All "Installed Today" installers are highly skilled and qualified, ensuring your product is installed according to the highest industry standards and specific regulations in your area.
  • Clear and Professional Communication: From the moment they receive your order until the completion of your installation, our installers maintain clear and professional communication, providing you with all necessary information regarding your installation.

Peace of Mind

  • Insurance and Liability: Every "Installed Today" verified installer maintains comprehensive insurance coverage, giving you peace of mind knowing you're protected throughout the installation process.
  • Warranty and Quality Assurance: Enjoy a warranty on your installation, guaranteeing rectification work at no additional charge in the unlikely event of any deficiencies. Our installers strive to achieve a minimum 4.5-star average rating across major review platforms, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Customer-Centric Policies

  • Customer Dispute Resolution: In the rare event of a dispute, our installers are committed to acknowledging and initiating the resolution process within 1 business day, aiming for a swift and satisfactory resolution within 5 business days.
  • Rectification Work Timeframes: Should any rectification work be necessary, it will be acknowledged within 1 business day and completed within 2 business days, ensuring minimal inconvenience to you.

Additional Services at Transparent Rates

  • Beyond Basic Installation: Our verified installers offer a range of additional services to complement your installation. All available services and their set rates are communicated upfront, ensuring no surprises.

By choosing "Installed Today," you're not just installing a product; you're investing in a seamless, quality service that values your time and peace of mind. Trust in our verified installers to exceed your expectations with their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

This product description outlines the benefits and assurances provided by "Installed Today" verified installers, designed to inform and reassure customers about the high level of service they can expect.


Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast (EXCLUDING BAY ISLANDS) - 1 business day

Metropolitan Cities - Up to 3 Business Days

Non-Serviced Metropolitan Areas (confirmation via email to availability only) - Upto 10 business days


Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast (EXCLUDING BAY ISLANDS) - Up to 2 business days

Metropolitan Cities - Up to 4 Business Days

Non-Serviced Metropolitan Areas (confirmation via email to availability only) - Upto 10 business days


Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast - up to 5 business days

Metropolitan Cities & Centres - Up to 10 Business Days



-Gold Coast

-Sunshine Coast


-Coffs Harbour













-Harvey Bay



-Tweed Heads


Brand - Aquatech

Model - Rapid X6

Volume (L) - 210

Height (mm) - 1582

Width (mm) - 620

Weight (kg) - 108

Energy Rating - 6.0/6

Made In - China

Made By - Aquatech

Maximum Warranty - 6years

Internal Material - Vitreous Enamel Steel

Noise Level (dBa) - 49

Recommend Occupants - 4

Recommended Bathrooms - 3+

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Aquatech X6 Rapid 210L Heat Pump Hot Water System - Installed Today
Aquatech X6 Rapid 210L Heat Pump Hot Water System - Installed Today
Aquatech X6 Rapid 210L Heat Pump Hot Water System
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