Rheem 160L Electric Hot Water System

Rheem 160L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today
Rheem 160L Electric Hot Water System - Installed Today

Rheem 160L Electric Hot Water System

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These guys are great and their service is outstanding. My hot water failed and the next day I rang at 8.45am to see if they could help and they had a new system in stock and the same day they came out at 1.00pm and had it working at 2.30pm with a complete upgrade with new valves and pipework and they even put a drain in for the overflow. Josh and Shane who came out were not only friendly and helpful but are super professionals and know exactly what to do and I can't recommend these people highly enough. The price they quoted me was not only competitive but the work was outstanding. 5 plus!

Graham N
Brisbane, QLD

Highly recommend you purchase your hot water system from Installed today. I obtained 3 quotes from local plumbing stores and a further 3 quotes from online retailers. Installed today was the most competitive. I ordered at lunchtime and by 9am the next day my new hot water system was delivered. Under 24hrs wow!. The delivery person even wheeled it around to the side of the house for me. Thanks for providing such a competitive price and the fast service was a bonus. You put bunnings, tradelink and Reece to shame.

Mark H
Brisbane, QLD

Sean phoned to confirm what time he would be on-site to remove and install the new Rheem Hot water cylinder. He arrived on time and set about removing the old cylinder and installing the new . He worked non stop with the installation which was completed to a very high standard. He cleaned up any mess and after loading the truck he ran through the install showing me what did what and if I had any problems to let the company know. It was good to see a conscientious tradesman at work.Thanks Sean, a great job

Gill S
Brisbane, QLD

Josh and Brandon arrived on site and explained what they were going to do. Took minimal time to do the job and explained the warranty and maintenance procedures before they left. They gave me peace of mind by stating they would return within the 10 year warranty period if any trouble occurred with the system. I found both boys to be polite and courteous and took the time at the end to show what was replaced and how to operate it. From start of the booking process at 7:30 am to the completion of the job at 3:00 pm the same day,

Bruce P
Brisbane, QLD

I actually phoned Jared by error - I am so glad I did! - he straight away asked if he could help ! and he had a plumber on sight quickly and replaced a hot water system professional and on time

Lorraine K
Brisbane, QLD

Best service ever ! I have been given quick response and converting gas HWU to electrical HWU including cooktops.Workdone as per mentioned. Jarred and Mark both providing alternative solution to install the units and new electrical work. Helpful and informative which giving me big relief and ready for Christmas !

Brisbane, QLD

Maximize Your Comfort with the Efficient Rheem 491160 160L Electric Hot Water System

Searching for a dependable hot water solution? The Rheem 491160 160l electric hot water system offers rapid heating, robust energy efficiency, and suitable capacity for medium households. This article outlines its benefits, simple installation, and features enabling cost-effective operation, helping you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • The Rheem 491160 160L Electric Hot Water System features a twin element design, providing rapid water heating and ensuring sufficient hot water during high-demand periods for medium-sized households.

  • This system is designed for energy efficiency, utilizing off-peak electricity tariffs for cost savings and maintaining mains pressure to multiple taps, allowing for simultaneous use without pressure drops.

  • The Rheem 491160 offers a 12-year cylinder warranty, flexible installation options with dual handed inlet and outlet fittings, and customizable features including adjustable thermostat settings and scheduling for optimized personal comfort.

Exploring the Rheem 491160 160L Electric Hot Water System

A modern electric hot water system with twin elements for faster heating and energy efficiency

The Rheem 491160 emerges as a stellar contender in the market, masterfully combining capacity and efficiency. Designed for medium-sized households, this 160l electric hot water system boasts a generous reserve of hot water, ready to spring into action during those high-demand moments.

Imagine a family gathering where the showers, dishwashers, and washing machine running are all in use; this system stands ready to deliver, with a first-hour capacity of 160L that ensures your home remains the epitome of hospitality.

With a twin element design, it not only meets the current hot water needs but also provides an extra boost during the day, ensuring that the hot water keeps flowing, even when every tap in the house seems to be in use.

Key Features and Benefits

Dive into the world of hot water where the Rheem 491160 shines with its optional twin element design. This feature is the silent hero that provides faster water heating, ensuring that you’re never caught off-guard when multiple hot water appliances demand attention simultaneously.

Whether it’s a non-commercial setting or your sanctuary at home, the rapid heating capability is a game-changer, offering comfort and convenience without the agonizing wait.

Installation Essentials

Ease of installation is a hallmark of the Rheem 160l electric hot water system, thanks to its compact design that slips comfortably into both internal and external spaces of medium-sized homes. Versatility is at the core of this system, offering adaptable construction that can fit into a variety of architectural designs without the headache of extensive plumbing modifications.

Energy Efficiency and Money Savings

Saving money while being environmentally conscious is not just a dream with the Rheem 491160, the perfect electric water heater. This electric hot water heater is crafted to optimize energy usage by taking advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs, reducing your bills and carbon footprint simultaneously. The dual-element feature plays a strategic role here, with one element heating during off-peak periods to save on energy costs and another springing to action during high usage times, ensuring a consistent and energy-efficient hot water supply.

Additionally, the system maintains mains pressure across multiple taps without the excessive energy typically required to preserve pressure, making every hot shower a guilt-free pleasure.

Design & Durability: Built to Last

Vitreous enamel lined steel construction of the Rheem 491160 electric hot water system

When it comes to the long haul, the Rheem 491160 is constructed to stand the test of time. The system features:

  • Vitreous enamel lined steel core

  • Exclusive Rheem Ultranamel® Class Y enamel coating

  • Better energy conservation, reducing heat loss and saving on utility bills

  • Durable coating that adds years to the system’s life

Rest assured, your investment is protected.

Proudly manufactured in Australia by Rheem Manufacturing, the 491160 is a testament to the company’s commitment to upholding quality and adhering to stringent local standards.

Feature Dual Handed Inlet and Outlet Fittings

The Rheem 160L electric system’s design doesn’t stop at durability; it extends to installation flexibility with its dual handed inlet and outlet fittings. This feature ensures an easier fit across various plumbing configurations, offering homeowners the freedom to choose the most convenient setup for their specific needs.

With standardized fittings, the system promises a simpler installation process, saving time and potentially reducing costs for both homeowners and installers alike.

Labour Warranty and Coverage for Other Components

Peace of mind comes standard with the Rheem 491160, backed by a robust warranty package. A 12-year cylinder warranty, along with a 1-year labour warranty on the cylinder and a 1-year parts and labour warranty on all other components, ensures that your system is covered, especially in domestic installations. Should the need arise, Rheem’s national service network is ready to repair or replace components, providing reliable after-sales support seven days a week.

With extended service hours from 8 am to 8 pm, help is never far away, ensuring that your hot water system continues to run smoothly for years to come.

Convenience for High Usage Periods

Rapid hot water recovery with extra element feature of the Rheem 491160 electric hot water system

When the household is buzzing with activity, and hot water is in high demand, the Rheem 491160 truly demonstrates its value. The system delivers mains pressure hot water, allowing multiple taps to be used simultaneously without any drop in pressure, perfect for those moments when the shower, dishwasher, and washing machine are running at the same time.

Whether it’s a normal day with family members getting ready for work and school or a special occasion with guests filling the home, this water heater manages overlaps in hot water use with remarkable efficiency. And for those large family gatherings where everyone seems to need hot water at once, the Rheem 491160 steps up, providing high demand hot water delivery to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Extra Element for an Extra Boost

The secret to the Rheem 491160’s unwavering performance during those peak times is its optional extra element that delivers an extra boost when it’s most needed. This twin element design means that one element is dedicated to providing that quick recovery of hot water, while the other efficiently operates during off-peak times, creating a balance that offers both comfort and cost-efficiency.

With an additional 45L of hot water ready to go during those morning or evening rushes, this system ensures that no one has to endure a cold shower.

Meeting the Big Demand

The Rheem 491160 is engineered to rise to the occasion, no matter how big the demand. It’s the perfect match for:

  • Smaller families that experience large hot water requirements

  • Families with frequent guests

  • Families with a lifestyle that demands a steady supply of hot water throughout the day.

By providing an extra daytime hot water boost, the Rheem 491160 ensures that even during peak usage, comfort is never compromised. It’s crucial to have the system set up properly so that it can efficiently deliver this additional hot water, and with the Rheem 491160, you can rest easy knowing that it’s built to handle those demands with ease.

Customizing Your Hot Water Experience

The Rheem 491160 doesn’t just offer hot water; it offers personalized comfort. This system provides an array of customizable features that allow users to tailor their hot water usage to their unique needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and satisfaction. With a warranty that supports the longevity of these settings and includes service work beyond the initial product warranty period, the Rheem 491160 stands as a testament to long-term reliability and user-focused design.

Additionally, preventative maintenance and operational advice are part of the comprehensive warranty package, ensuring that you can maximize comfort effectively over the lifespan of your system.

Adjustable Thermostat Settings

Adjustable thermostat settings on the Rheem 491160 ensure that performance is always optimized. By tailoring the temperature to your household’s needs, you can minimize heat loss, especially in homes where the water has to travel through long, uninsulated pipes. The twin element feature complements these settings, providing a faster heating response that’s critical when multiple showers and appliances demand hot water at once.

Together, these features form a powerful duo that optimizes both energy consumption and hot water availability, delivering a tailored hot water experience that’s both efficient and reliable.

Scheduling Hot Water Availability

Efficiency meets innovation with the scheduling capabilities of the Rheem 491160. Using a timer, the system can be programmed to heat water only when needed, avoiding the unnecessary energy consumption and costs associated with reheating during standby periods. By scheduling the heating to occur during off-peak times, households can capitalize on lower electricity rates, further enhancing the economic operation of the system.

With digital timers providing remote access, adjusting heating times to align with your daily routine has never been easier, ensuring hot water is ready just when you need it. Considering that the average water tank requires about 60-120 minutes of active heating daily, plus additional time to heat the full tank, setting the timer accordingly guarantees that hot water is always at the ready when required.

Comparing Rheem 491160 with Other Rheem Models

Comparative analysis of Rheem 491160 with other Rheem models for high hot water demands

In the realm of hot water systems, the Rheem 491160 stands out with its distinctive features that cater specifically to smaller household needs. Unlike larger capacity models that are intended for more extensive households, this electric hot water heater ensures that smaller families enjoy efficiency without the excess capacity that often leads to energy waste.

The Rheem 491160’s unique advantages make it a wise choice for those who seek a balance between sufficient hot water supply and smart energy usage.

Twin Element vs. Single Element Systems

The twin element system of the Rheem 491160 offers a distinct advantage over single element systems. Here’s why:

  • Single element systems may struggle to keep up with high hot water usage due to their limited heating times.

  • The twin element design of the Rheem 491160 ensures that hot water recovery is quick and reliable.

  • This provides a consistent supply that meets the needs of high-demand households.

By maintaining comfort and efficiency, the twin element system proves to be a superior choice for those who cannot afford to compromise on their hot water availability.

Capacity Comparison

When it comes to choosing the right capacity for your hot water needs, the Rheem 491160 strikes an ideal balance for small to medium-sized families. While larger models like the 250L and 315L cater to households with greater demands, the 160L capacity of the Rheem 491160 is specifically designed for households of 1 to 4 people, ensuring efficient use without the risk of heating water that goes unused.

This thoughtful design not only meets the daily needs of smaller families but also contributes to energy conservation, making the Rheem 491160 an environmentally and economically savvy choice.


Wrapping up, the Rheem 491160 160L Electric Hot Water System stands as an exceptional choice for households that value efficiency, reliability, and comfort. From its twin element design that ensures faster heating to its durable construction and convenient features like adjustable thermostat settings and scheduling, this system is engineered to maximize comfort and minimize costs. As we’ve explored throughout this post, the Rheem 491160’s capabilities make it a standout product, particularly for smaller households with high hot water demands. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current system or install a new one, the Rheem 491160 offers the perfect blend of performance and peace of mind, ensuring that your home remains a warm and welcoming space for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Rheem 491160 suitable for medium-sized households?

The Rheem 491160's 160L capacity provides a substantial reserve of hot water, making it suitable for medium-sized households with multiple users or during high usage situations like family gatherings.

Can the Rheem 491160 be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings?

Yes, the Rheem 491160 can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings, offering flexibility to accommodate different household requirements.

How does the twin element design of the Rheem 491160 enhance hot water delivery?

The twin element design of the Rheem 491160 enhances hot water delivery by promoting faster water heating and providing an extra daytime hot water boost, ensuring ample hot water during peak periods and a quick recovery time for increased availability on demand.

What warranty coverage comes with the Rheem 491160?

The Rheem 491160 comes with a 12-year warranty on the cylinder, a 1-year labor warranty on the cylinder, and a 1-year parts and labor warranty on all other components for domestic installations, providing comprehensive coverage and after-sales support.

How does the capacity of the Rheem 491160 compare with larger Rheem models?

The 160L capacity of the Rheem 491160 is suitable for small to medium-sized families, while larger Rheem models such as the 250L and 315L are designed for households with higher hot water demands.

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Brand - Rheem

Model - 491160

Volume (L) - 160

Height (mm) - 1610

Width (mm) - 480

Weight (kg) - 60

Energy Rating - 1.0/6

Made In - Australia

Made By - Rheem

Maximum Warranty - 12years

Internal Material - Steel

Noise Level (dBa) - NA

Recommend Occupants - 2-3

Recommended Bathrooms - 1-3

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