Vulcan 4-Star 135L Natural Gas Hot Water System

Vulcan 4-Star 135L Natural Gas Hot Water System - Installed Today
Vulcan 4-Star 135L Natural Gas Hot Water System - Installed Today

Vulcan 4-Star 135L Natural Gas Hot Water System

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From our customers


The guys from JR Gas & Water replaced our hot water system yesterday. Was a pleasure to deal with this company prompt reliable and the price was great also. Special mention to Sean & Lachlan the installers they arrived on time were polite and courteous installed the hot water system promptly and cleaned up all the mess. Very satisfied customer.

Alan & Sharon C
Brisbane, QLD

Sean phoned to confirm what time he would be on-site to remove and install the new Rheem Hot water cylinder. He arrived on time and set about removing the old cylinder and installing the new . He worked non stop with the installation which was completed to a very high standard. He cleaned up any mess and after loading the truck he ran through the install showing me what did what and if I had any problems to let the company know. It was good to see a conscientious tradesman at work.Thanks Sean, a great job

Gill & Malcolm S
Brisbane, QLD

Josh and Brandon arrived on site and explained what they were going to do. Took minimal time to do the job and explained the warranty and maintenance procedures before they left. They gave me peace of mind by stating they would return within the 10 year warranty period if any trouble occurred with the system. I found both boys to be polite and courteous and took the time at the end to show what was replaced and how to operate it. From start of the booking process at 7:30 am to the completion of the job at 3:00 pm the same day, JR Gas kept me informed of the progress of the job and the whole booking system was quick and easy. Thank you for allowing us to have hot showers tonight. I found the Gold Service to be better value than other competing Hot Water replacement services without the extras like new pipes and slab.

Bruce P
Brisbane, QLD

Thank you JR Gas & Water for great install of our Environheat 250 lt. Josh & Sean were fast and cleaned up!
A modern looking unit, well built.

Paul S
Brisbane, QLD

Excellent service from the time of quote and from the installation from both Jarrad and Joshua. Quick turnaround from having a dead hot water system to a brand new Enviroheat heat pump. Thanks so

Emily T
Brisbane, QLD

Sean and Lachlan arrived at my property. Switched everything out and talked us through what maintenance needed to be done. All done for another 10 years. Cheers guys.

Caledonia Events
Brisbane, QLD

Maximize Your Comfort with the Efficient Vulcan 4 Star 135L Gas Hot Water System

Considering a Vulcan 4 Star 135L for your hot water needs? This guide delivers an unbiased look into its energy efficiency, robustness, and ease of installation—key factors for any homeowner. Capable of serving a mid-sized family, this system’s features and real-world performance are dissected here to aid your purchasing decision, without the fluff.

Key Takeaways

  • The Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system is an energy-efficient, durable, and suitably-sized option for families, ensuring a reliable and cost-effective hot water supply.

  • Vulcan provides comprehensive installation guidance, recommends professional installation for optimal safety and efficiency, and offers after-installation maintenance tips and customer support for the Vulcan 4 Star 135L system.

  • The Vulcan 4 Star 135L system is affordable and comes with flexible financing options and comprehensive warranty coverage; plus, Vulcan offers responsive same-day service for emergencies and routine maintenance.

The Vulcan 4 Star 135L Advantage: A Closer Look

Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system

Behind every refreshing shower and warm bath is a reliable hot water system. The Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system goes beyond mere reliability, offering energy efficiency, robust construction, and an appropriate size for family use.

We’ll delve into these benefits in more depth.

Proven Performance and Energy Savings

The Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system offers:

  • 4-star energy efficiency rating for eco-friendly performance and cost savings

  • Temperature adjustment feature for enhanced energy savings

  • Vitreous enamel lining of the tank for better heat retention

The proven technology behind this system is designed to handle the specific requirements and usage patterns of households in Australia, including the Gold Coast, promising energy-efficient performance without unnecessary energy expenditure.

Durable Design and Materials

Durability is a key consideration for any long-term investment, and the Vulcan 4 Star 135L is no exception. Its robust construction includes:

  • Steel jacket

  • Vitreous enamel lining

  • Enameled steel cylinder

  • Dual anodes for protection against corrosion

These features ensure that the Vulcan 4 Star 135L can withstand the test of time and usage, making it a durable choice for your needs.

No surprise then, that users regard this system as a dependable solution for an uninterrupted hot water supply.

Suitable Size for Family Use

Size matters when it comes to hot water systems. The Vulcan 135L hot water system is ideally sized for households of 5-6 people, ensuring each person has enough hot water for their needs. It offers energy-efficient performance, eliminating unnecessary energy expenditure for small to medium-sized households.

This system ensures a worry-free experience, eliminating the fear of hot water running out during a shower or dishwashing.

Installation Insights for the Vulcan 4 Star 135L

The process of installing a hot water system can seem daunting, but with the Vulcan 4 Star 135L, it doesn’t have to be. This system comes with clear installation instructions, and Vulcan’s service team is always ready to provide additional guidance.

We’ll guide you through the process to install and provide post-installation advice.

Preparing for Installation

Good preparation is the first step to a successful installation. Before installing the Vulcan 4 Star 135L, you should ensure there is sufficient space for the system, taking into account its size and access requirements. Evaluating the current pipework and connections for compatibility with the system is also a vital step.

Having standard plumbing tools on hand, including pipe wrenches, screwdrivers, and pipe cutters, will facilitate an easier installation. And of course, thoroughly reading the instructional manual that comes with the system is a must for understanding the installation steps and requirements.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

While the installation process of the Vulcan 4 Star 135L is straightforward, it’s recommended to hire a qualified professional to ensure the unit operates safely and at peak efficiency. The chosen site should have a non-combustible and level surface, adequate clearance from combustible materials, and proper ventilation. If the water supply pressure exceeds the system’s recommendations, a pressure limiting valve should be installed.

An approved tempering valve should also be in place to regulate water temperature and prevent scalding. After the system is installed and connected to water and gas lines, a thorough check for leaks and operation is necessary. Any additional operations or settings adjustments can be referred to in the detailed manual provided.

After-Installation Tips

Once the Vulcan 4 Star 135L is installed, the job isn’t over just yet. To ensure your system continues to operate at peak efficiency and maintain its longevity, regular maintenance such as keeping the unit clear of obstructions and conducting periodic system flushes is crucial. Knowing the location of the gas shut-off valve and how to use it in an emergency is another important tip.

For complex issues like gas leaks, temperature fluctuations, and low hot water pressure, professional assistance is recommended. Early detection of issues, such as unusual noises, leaks, or temperature fluctuations, can also help prevent more serious problems down the line.

Vulcan Gas Models: Finding Your Fit

Vulcan Freeloader series gas hot water system

Vulcan offers a range of gas models, each designed to meet different hot water needs. From the Vulcan Freeloader series to various capacity options, these models provide the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your household, making the selection of Vulcan gas models easy.

We’ll examine these options in more detail, aiding you in making an informed choice.

The Vulcan Freeloader Series

The Vulcan Freeloader series stands out with its durable construction, weather resistance, and 4-star energy efficiency. The series is built with a high-strength steel storage cylinder to withstand frequent heating cycles and water pressures. Each unit is designed to resist weather and corrosion, making it particularly well-suited to harsh Australian climate conditions.

The Freeloader series boasts the following features:

  • Special thermostat to maintain optimal water temperature

  • Reliable hot water supply

  • Vulcan 135 model features balanced flue and steel jackets, simplifying installation and upkeep

With the Freeloader series, you can enjoy hot water without worrying about the system’s resilience or efficiency.

Model Comparisons: 135L vs. Other Capacities

The Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system is optimal for families of up to 3 people, while the Vulcan 170L can cater to similar family sizes. With a first-hour capacity of 248 litres, the Vulcan 135L system presents a competitive advantage for families needing a constant supply of hot water.

Vulcan offers a range of hot water systems with various capacities to accommodate the hot water usage needs of both small and large families, giving you the freedom to choose the best fit for your household.

Balancing Flue and Storage Options

The Vulcan Freeloader series offers a balanced flue design that simplifies the installation process. Whether it’s installed against a wall or recessed into a wall cavity, this design provides flexibility in placement and ensures safety by efficiently managing exhaust gases. The balanced flue design also facilitates user-friendly maintenance and servicing, enhancing the overall longevity of the system.

Moreover, Vulcan systems integrate well with renewable energy sources like solar hot water systems, offering an environmentally-friendly option for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Vulcan 4 Star 135L Pricing & Value

A hot water system is a significant investment, and understanding the costs involved is crucial. The Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system is recognized for its affordability and value for money.

Key features of the Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system include:

  • 4-star energy efficiency rating

  • 135L capacity

  • Natural gas or LPG options

  • External installation

  • 10-year warranty on the cylinder

With pricing influenced by installation packages and additional features, this system offers an affordable price for a cost-efficient and reliable option to reduce carbon footprint.

We’ll dig deeper into the cost implications and potential savings that come with this system.

Understanding the Costs

The Vulcan 135L hot water system can be purchased with installation for $1579.00, requiring only a $55 deposit with the balance due upon completion. Standard installation includes connecting to existing pipes for like-identical external heaters and standard removal and disposal of the old water heater.

Optional additional installation items include a tempering valve, pressure limiting valve, and non-return isolation valve. Additional costs may be required for pipe upgrades, concrete slabs, leveling material, and if there’s a need for system lifting, carpentry, or building alterations.

Financing and Deals

Sometimes, an upfront payment for a hot water system might not be feasible. That’s why Installed Today offers flexible financing options, including Humm Finance, for the Vulcan 135L Hot Water Tank. A 10% deposit is required to initiate a finance purchase, with full payment due upon completion of the sale.

Additionally, Vulcan occasionally provides promotional discounts on their 135L Gas Hot Water Heater, offering additional opportunities for savings.

Service Excellence: Vulcan Warranty and Support

Vulcan warranty and support for the 4 Star 135L system

Knowing that the company fully supports its products provides reassurance when investing in a hot water system. Vulcan offers comprehensive warranty coverage and accessible customer support for the 4 Star 135L system. From the initial installation to the ongoing maintenance, Vulcan is there to support your hot water needs.

Warranty Coverage Details

The Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system comes with a comprehensive warranty, bringing peace of mind to customers. The warranty includes a 7-year cylinder warranty and a 1-year parts and labor warranty. While the cylinder is covered for seven years, other components, such as the pilot light, are covered by a 12-month warranty.

The warranty claim procedures include:

  • Coverage

  • Exclusions

  • Entitlements

  • Claim process

These details can be found in the Owner’s Guide & Installation Instructions, with Vulcan providing a clear point of contact for any warranty claims.

Accessing Customer Support

Vulcan’s commitment to excellent customer service is evident in its support offerings. Customers can reach Vulcan’s customer service for any assistance needed, including during the installation process or for general inquiries. To obtain sales support and assistance with the purchase, customers can dial 1300 721 996, and for inquiries including warranty information, the number is 132 552.

Vulcan also provides an online Customer Enquiry Form, ensuring a prompt reply. Simplified direct contact with Vulcan is available for warranty-related service inquiries, providing customers with an effective after-sales support experience.

Meeting Urgent Needs: Same Day Hot Water Service

We all know that hot water emergencies don’t wait for convenient times. That’s why Installed Today offers same-day storage hot water service for the 4 Star 135L system, providing rapid response for emergencies and flexible scheduling options.

Whether it’s an immediate replacement or a routine maintenance service, Vulcan is prepared to cater to your needs.

Rapid Response for Emergencies

When a hot water emergency strikes, you need a quick response. Vulcan provides 24/7 availability for emergency hot water heater replacement services, ensuring support is always at hand. In the event of an emergency, Vulcan guarantees a fast response time to make sure customers have minimal disruption to their hot water supply.

These emergency services are backed by a national network of trained and qualified technicians available for repairs or replacements under warranty conditions, all operating from an approved base.

Scheduling Your Service

Scheduling services with Vulcan is easy and convenient. For same-day service of the Vulcan 135L Gas Hot Water Heater, customers must contact Installed Today prior to 8am. Services for Vulcan hot water systems are available from 8am to 5pm every day, including weekends.

Customers can schedule their service online at their convenience without the need for phone calls. Whether it’s a planned service or an unexpected repair, Vulcan is ready to serve your hot water needs.

Real-World Experiences: Vulcan 4 Star 135L Testimonials

Every product tells a story, and the Vulcan 4 Star 135L is no different. Real-world experiences from customers provide a deeper understanding of the product’s performance and value. We’ll delve into some of these experiences, acknowledging successes and addressing concerns.

Celebrating Success Stories

Many customers have expressed high satisfaction with the Vulcan 4 Star 135L Gas Hot Water Heater. They appreciate its excellent value for the price and would recommend the system to others.

These success stories are a testament to the system’s reliable performance and affordability, reinforcing Vulcan’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Addressing Concerns

No product is without its challenges, and the Vulcan 4 Star 135L is no exception. Some customers have reported issues with temperatures persisting at high levels even when adjusted to lower settings. Vulcan acknowledges this issue and has resolved it by providing guidance on correct settings and offering maintenance services to ensure the system works at optimal levels.

Vulcan is committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, ensuring all reported concerns are handled promptly and effectively.


In conclusion, the Vulcan 4 Star 135L gas hot water system is an investment worth considering. With its energy efficiency, robust construction, and suitability for family use, it offers exceptional value for money. Its straightforward installation, range of models, comprehensive warranty, and same-day hot water service further enhance its appeal. Real-world experiences from customers underscore its reliability and performance. Whether you’re replacing an existing hot water system or installing a new one, the Vulcan 4 Star 135L is a choice you won’t regret.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size households is the Vulcan 4 Star 135L suitable for?

The Vulcan 4 Star 135L hot water system is suitable for households with 5-6 people, making it ideal for medium to large families.

What does the warranty coverage for the Vulcan 4 Star 135L include?

The warranty coverage for the Vulcan 4 Star 135L includes a 7-year cylinder warranty and a 1-year parts and labor warranty.

How can I schedule a service for my Vulcan 135L hot water system?

You can schedule a service for your Vulcan 135L hot water system by contacting Installed Today for same-day service prior to 8am or by scheduling online at your convenience.

What are some of the optional additional installation items for the Vulcan 4 Star 135L?

Some optional additional installation items for the Vulcan 4 Star 135L include a tempering valve, pressure limiting valve, and non-return isolation valve. These items can enhance the performance and safety of the water heater.

Are there any financing options available for the Vulcan 135L Hot Water Tank?

Yes, Installed Today offers flexible financing options, including Humm Finance, which can be beneficial for purchasing a Vulcan 135L Hot Water Tank.

    Installation Service (Optional):
    For your convenience, we offer an optional installation service through our network of trusted and professional contractors. Please note, the installation service is a separate arrangement directly between you and the contractor. Installation fees are to be paid directly to the contractor. We have carefully selected contractors based on their expertise and customer service to ensure you receive the best installation experience.

    How It Works:

    1. Select Installation Service: Indicate your interest in installation service during the checkout process.
    2. Contractor Assignment: We will assign a certified contractor from our network to handle your installation.
    3. Payment for Installation: Please be aware that the payment for the installation service is to be made directly to the contractor. We do not collect installation charges on behalf of the contractor.
    4. Schedule Your Installation: The assigned contractor will contact you to schedule the installation at your convenience.
    5. Direct Support: For any questions or support related to the installation process, please direct your inquiries to the contractor.

    Please Note: Our role is to supply the product and facilitate the connection with a certified contractor for installation services. All agreements, payments, and warranties related to the installation are between you and the contractor.

    Experience the "Installed Today" Difference with Our Verified Installers

    When you choose "Installed Today" for your installation needs, you're not just getting a product; you're gaining access to a network of rigorously verified installers dedicated to providing you with an exceptional service experience. Here's what you can expect when you opt for an installation by an "Installed Today" verified installer:

    Professional and Efficient Service

    • Prompt Communication: Our verified installers will contact you within 2 business hours of receiving your order details to confirm and begin scheduling your installation at the earliest convenience.
    • Expert Installation: All "Installed Today" installers are highly skilled and qualified, ensuring your product is installed according to the highest industry standards and specific regulations in your area.
    • Clear and Professional Communication: From the moment they receive your order until the completion of your installation, our installers maintain clear and professional communication, providing you with all necessary information regarding your installation.

    Peace of Mind

    • Insurance and Liability: Every "Installed Today" verified installer maintains comprehensive insurance coverage, giving you peace of mind knowing you're protected throughout the installation process.
    • Warranty and Quality Assurance: Enjoy a warranty on your installation, guaranteeing rectification work at no additional charge in the unlikely event of any deficiencies. Our installers strive to achieve a minimum 4.5-star average rating across major review platforms, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

    Customer-Centric Policies

    • Customer Dispute Resolution: In the rare event of a dispute, our installers are committed to acknowledging and initiating the resolution process within 1 business day, aiming for a swift and satisfactory resolution within 5 business days.
    • Rectification Work Timeframes: Should any rectification work be necessary, it will be acknowledged within 1 business day and completed within 2 business days, ensuring minimal inconvenience to you.

    Additional Services at Transparent Rates

    • Beyond Basic Installation: Our verified installers offer a range of additional services to complement your installation. All available services and their set rates are communicated upfront, ensuring no surprises.

    By choosing "Installed Today," you're not just installing a product; you're investing in a seamless, quality service that values your time and peace of mind. Trust in our verified installers to exceed your expectations with their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

    This product description outlines the benefits and assurances provided by "Installed Today" verified installers, designed to inform and reassure customers about the high level of service they can expect.


    Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast (EXCLUDING BAY ISLANDS) - 1 business day

    Metropolitan Cities - Up to 3 Business Days

    Non-Serviced Metropolitan Areas (confirmation via email to availability only) - Upto 10 business days


    Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast (EXCLUDING BAY ISLANDS) - Up to 2 business days

    Metropolitan Cities - Up to 4 Business Days

    Non-Serviced Metropolitan Areas (confirmation via email to availability only) - Upto 10 business days


    Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast - up to 5 business days

    Metropolitan Cities & Centres - Up to 10 Business Days



    -Gold Coast

    -Sunshine Coast


    -Coffs Harbour













    -Harvey Bay



    -Tweed Heads


    Brand - Vulcan

    Model - 648135

    Volume (L) - 135

    Height (mm) - 1558

    Width (mm) - 422

    Weight (kg) - 59

    Energy Rating - 4.0/6

    Made In - Australia

    Made By - Rheem

    Maximum Warranty - 5years

    Internal Material - Steel

    Noise Level (dBa) - NA

    Recommend Occupants - 4-5

    Recommended Bathrooms - 1-3

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