Find Your Ideal Rheem Hot Water System: Compare Quality and Cost

When it comes to hot water, reliability, and efficiency are key. The Rheem hot water system you choose can make all the difference. We break down the options—electric, gas, solar, heat pump—and what they might mean for your hot water needs, energy bills, and installation concerns. Get ready to find your Rheem match without the hassle.

Key Takeaways

  • Rheem offers a diverse range of hot water systems tailored to different energy sources, household sizes, and consumer preferences, including electric, gas, solar, and heat pump models.

  • Factors influencing the choice of a Rheem hot water system include household size, hot water needs, energy source availability, climate, location, and cost, with a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and potential for cost savings.

  • Rheem’s commitment to quality is reflected in their product innovation, comprehensive warranties, customer service responsiveness, and their reputation as a preferred Australian hot water brand with over 80 years of history.

Discovering Rheem Hot Water Systems

Variety of Rheem Hot Water Systems

Since 1939, Rheem has been a trusted name in the world of water heating solutions in Australia, thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality. Rheem hot water systems come in a variety of forms, including:

  • Electric

  • Gas

  • Solar

  • Heat pump

Each system is designed to cater to diverse household demands and energy preferences.

But how do these systems differ and which one is the right fit for your home? Time to demystify these options.

Electric Water Heaters

For households lacking access to natural gas, Rheem’s electric water heaters prove to be an ideal solution. These heaters offer:

  • A host of sizes to cater to different household requirements

  • Leverage off-peak tariffs for cost-effectiveness

  • Compact units for small spaces

  • Large family-sized models

Rheem’s electric heaters have got you covered.

Beyond their size versatility, Rheem electric water heaters prioritize cost efficiency. They utilize off-peak tariffs, allowing water to be heated during less expensive electricity periods, thereby offering a smart and economical solution for your hot water needs.

Gas Water Heaters

If your home has access to natural gas, Rheem’s gas water heaters could offer substantial benefits. Rheem provides both gas storage water heaters, which store hot water ready for use, and continuous-flow water heaters, offering instantaneous hot water. These heaters operate by heating water only when needed, ensuring a constant supply of hot water without unnecessary energy usage.

Rheem has spearheaded the high-efficiency gas water heating, introducing energy-efficient continuous flow models that have garnered six-star ratings. These versatile heaters provide efficient hot water solutions across various installation scenarios, and their continuous-flow design ensures a constant hot water supply. Investing in a Rheem system guarantees top-notch performance and reliability.

Solar and Heat Pump Systems

Solar and Heat Pump Systems

For those seeking an eco-friendly hot water solution, Rheem’s solar water heaters and heat pump system offer an enticing proposition. Designed for energy efficiency, these systems can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while also potentially offering rebates. Solar units can meet up to 80% of their energy needs from the sun, while heat pumps typically require two-thirds less energy than traditional electric water heaters.

Moreover, the Solahart PowerStore® by Rheem utilizes excess electricity from rooftop solar panels to heat water, further enhancing energy savings. Additionally, installing these eco-friendly options not only aligns with Rheem’s commitment to environmental sustainability but could also make you eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificate (STCs) rebates.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rheem Hot Water System

Choosing a Rheem Hot Water System

Choosing a new hot water system goes beyond picking out the first model that catches your eye. Several factors should influence your decision, such as your family size and typical hot water usage, the availability of different energy sources, and even your location’s climate.

Time to examine these considerations to assist you in making an informed decision.

Family Size and Hot Water Needs

The size of your family and your hot water usage patterns play a significant role in determining the right hot water system size. It’s not merely about calculating liters per person; instead, you should consider the peak hour demand of your household, influenced by the continuous hot water usage throughout the day.

Hot water heater capacities vary significantly, ranging from about 25 liters for small demands to approximately 400 liters for large families. For instance, for moderate to warm climates and average-sized families, the Rheem 551325 Heat Pump with a 325L tank capacity is recommended as a suitable hot water unit, capable of serving 2-5 individuals.

With Rheem's wide range of capacities in their electric water heaters, you’re sure to find a suitable option, whether you’re living in a small apartment or have a large family.

Energy Source Availability

Selecting a Rheem hot water system requires a careful evaluation of the immediate and long-term considerations of energy source availability and cost-effectiveness. For instance, if your home has a current gas supply or the capability to connect to the natural gas grid, a gas hot water system could be a viable option.

The choice of energy source also influences the necessary size of the hot water system; gas systems generally heat water more quickly and can have smaller tank sizes than electric ones. Furthermore, gas hot water systems can be more cost-effective and energy-efficient to run than electric systems, leading to potential savings for the household when considering a hot water service or replacing an old hot water system.

For instance, Rheem heat pump systems connected to either 24-hour continuous tariff or extended off-peak tariff can enhance cost savings on energy bills. Rheem also offers 6 Star energy efficient continuous flow gas water heater models, providing a more energy-efficient option for households.

Climate and Location

Your location and climate can also heavily influence the efficiency of certain hot water systems, particularly solar water heaters. These systems are highly efficient and can provide instant hot showers even on overcast days, but their efficiency can vary based on the amount of sunlight available in different locations.

In regions with less sunlight, solar water heating systems may require a backup system to ensure a consistent hot water supply. Moreover, the orientation and angle of solar collectors are crucial for maximizing solar gain, and these must be optimized according to the specific geographic location and climate of an area.

Comparing Rheem Hot Water System Prices

With a clear understanding of the types of Rheem hot water systems and the factors to consider when choosing one, the next logical step is to consider the cost. Rheem hot water system prices vary depending on the model, capacity, and energy source, ranging from around $500 to $2500.

For instance, smaller models of Rheem electric hot water systems start at around $500, with prices increasing for larger capacities. The 25 Litre Electric Hot Water Heater, for example, has installation costs ranging from $970.00 in NSW to $1,065.00 in VIC and QLD. On the other hand, the larger capacity gas models and solar hot water systems represent the top end of Rheem’s price range, with some models reaching around $2500.

In essence, Rheem’s diverse array of hot water systems caters to different household sizes, installation requirements, and wallet depths, ensuring a suitable option for every consumer.

Installation and Maintenance of Rheem Hot Water Systems

Installation and Maintenance of Rheem Hot Water Systems

Following the selection of your preferred Rheem hot water system, the subsequent step involves its installation. It’s worth noting that heat pump water heaters require installation in areas with a sufficient volume of air and are sensitive to surrounding air temperatures, affecting placement decisions and efficiency.

But the journey doesn’t end at installation. Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your system. This includes:

  • Annual flushing of the tank

  • Inspecting and possibly replacing the anode rod every two years

  • Ensuring valves operate correctly by testing the temperature and pressure relief function

Rheem offers comprehensive warranties on their hot water systems, including repair or replacement of components, with specific terms depending on the model.

Furthermore, customers can contact Rheem’s national service network for assistance beyond warranty, such as preventative maintenance, via the dedicated service number.

Customer Reviews and Experiences with Rheem Hot Water Systems

Having discussed the technical aspects of Rheem hot water systems, it’s time to turn our attention to the customers’ experiences. Reviews and customer experiences are invaluable in providing real-world insights into a product’s performance and the company’s customer service.

Rheem’s customer service has been lauded for providing same-day quotes and next-day unit replacements, highlighting the brand’s responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing customer needs. In urgent situations, customers report that Rheem offers immediate assessment and quotes, even during busy times such as two days before Christmas. Customers have conveyed positive feedback regarding Rheem  Gas Hot Water Systems for professional installations, swift services, and helpful customer staff. All in all, the positive customer feedback underscores the reputation of Rheem as a reliable hot water system provider.

Benefits of Choosing Rheem as Your Hot Water System Provider

Trusted Hot Water System Provider

Opting for Rheem as your hot water system provider yields numerous advantages. Rheem has been providing hot water units to the Australian public for over 50 years. Since 1939, it has been known as Australia’s preferred hot water brand.

Beyond its long-standing reputation, Rheem has shown a commitment to innovation and quality Australian manufacturing. These include products like the world’s first five-star gas storage water heater, the Rheem ‘Stellar’, and by offering energy-efficient and stainless steel options suited for various household needs. Rheem’s warranty options emphasize the confidence in the longevity of their products, with a usual lifespan ranging from 5 to 15 years and a recommendation for maintenance servicing at least every 5 years.

Additionally, Rheem offers comprehensive after-sales support services, including maintenance, repair, and installation for their range of heat pump, gas, and electric hot water systems.


In conclusion, a reliable hot water system is a crucial component of any comfortable home, and Rheem offers a diverse range of high-quality, innovative, and efficient solutions. Whether you’re looking for electric, gas, solar, or heat pump systems, Rheem has a solution designed to cater to your specific needs and energy preferences. With over 50 years of experience, comprehensive after-sales support, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder Rheem is Australia’s preferred hot water system provider. Make the smart choice – choose Rheem for your hot water needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a Rheem hot water system last?

A Rheem hot water system typically lasts between 5 and 15 years, but regular servicing can extend its lifespan even further. Regular servicing every 5 years can add years to the life of the system.

Why is my Rheem hot water system not hot?

Your Rheem hot water system may not be hot due to faulty heating elements, a malfunctioning thermostat, sediment build-up, or an undersized unit. Check the thermostat, inspect for leaks, verify the pilot light, check the circuit breaker, or consider a system upgrade.

What types of hot water systems does Rheem offer?

Rheem offers electric, gas, solar, and heat pump options for hot water systems.

How do I choose the right hot water system for my home?

To choose the right hot water system for your home, consider factors such as your family size and typical hot water usage, the availability of different energy sources, and your location's climate. These factors will help you make an informed decision.

Do Rheem's solar water heaters work in areas with less sunlight?

Rheem's solar water heaters can still provide hot water on overcast days, but their efficiency may be lower in areas with less sunlight, possibly requiring a backup system.

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