Exploring Durability and Efficiency: Critical Review and Long Term Case Study Rinnai Enviro Series Instant Gas Hot Water Systems

Are the Rinnai Enviro Series instant gas hot water systems as energy-efficient and durable in the long run as they promise? In this critical review and long term case study Rinnai Enviro Series instant gas hot water systems, we dive deep into the performance of the Rinnai Enviro Series to provide you with concrete insights into its ongoing operational costs, real-world efficiency, and durability over time. Plus, we’ll explore user experiences to reveal if these systems live up to expectations for sustainability and reliability.

Key Takeaways

  • The Rinnai Enviro Series provides high-efficiency instant gas hot water systems with features such as a continuous flow mechanism, Puretemp™ technology for stable temperature control, anti-frost operation, and integration with solar technology, catering to various household sizes and fuel preferences.

  • Long-term performance data and user feedback indicate that Rinnai Enviro Series systems maintain efficiency over time with minimal maintenance, offer consistent water temperatures, reliable operation, and significant energy and cost savings due to their 7 Star equivalent efficiency rating.

  • Rinnai supports the durability and efficiency of the Enviro Series with comprehensive service options and warranties, and remains dedicated to sustainability by integrating renewable energy options and planning tests on hydrogen-powered hot water systems to reduce carbon emissions.

Rinnai Enviro Series: An Overview

High energy efficiency and condensing design of Rinnai Enviro Series

The Rinnai Enviro Series stands as a testament to Rinnai’s commitment to providing high-efficiency instant gas hot water systems. Recognized for its 7 Star equivalent efficiency rating, the Rinnai Enviro Series is designed to maximize energy efficiency without compromising on performance. The series utilizes a condensing design that enhances thermal efficiency by up to 97%, leveraging residual heat from flue exhaust gases.

The Rinnai Enviroflo E Series Electric Heat Pump:

  • Stands as a more energy-efficient solution

  • Operates up to 75% more efficiently than standard electric storage water heaters

  • Provides an effective and eco-friendly alternative

Catering to different household sizes and fuel sources, the Rinnai  Enviro Series offers lpg models with various capacities and options for both natural gas or LPG.

Features at a Glance

The Rinnai Enviro Series is designed with a continuous flow mechanism. This means it only heats water when needed, providing efficiency by only consuming energy when a tap is activated. Boasting a 7 Star equivalent efficiency rating, the Rinnai Enviro Series provides long-term superior energy efficiency. The Infinity 26 Enviro model, for instance, is specifically designed to reduce gas usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Enviro Series includes the following features:

  • Energy efficiency

  • Puretemp™ technology for stable temperature control

  • Energy Recovery System in models like the Infinity 32 Enviro

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger

  • Inbuilt condensate neutralizer kit

These features ensure that the system functions at optimal efficiency and enhance safety and performance.

Installation Specifics

Thanks to features such as a built-in pressure relief valve and direct neutralized condensate drainage, the Rinnai Enviro Series assures a straightforward installation process. The systems are factory pre-set at temperatures of 50°C or 60°C, with tempering valves required for installations requiring temperatures above 60°C, adhering to AS3500.4. Nonetheless, one must steer clear of common installation errors like opting for an improperly sized unit, soldering fittings directly onto the water heater, and ensuring that the metal pipe compatibility is correct.

The compact design of the Rinnai Infinity 32 Enviro model provides installation flexibility, making it suitable for a range of ambient water temperatures and low flow rated shower fixtures.

Innovations in Water Heating

Innovation is at the heart of the Rinnai Enviro Series, with each model incorporating digital temperature controllers. These controllers enable users to:

  • Adjust the water temperature to their preferences

  • Provide the flexibility to cater to a variety of hot water needs

  • Adjust the operating temperature range up to 75°C, offering even greater flexibility.

The Rinnai Enviro Series features:

  • Anti-frost operation, ensuring reliable performance in temperatures as low as -30°C in some models, making them suitable for frost collector tolerant postcodes

  • Solar hot water systems that harness renewable solar energy

  • Hybrid water heating solutions, which incorporate solar thermal or heat pump systems with gas-fired instant hot water

Rinnai’s commitment to sustainability and adaptability to different energy needs, including energy consumption, is evident in their product offerings.

The Long-Term Performance of Rinnai Enviro Series

Long-term performance of Rinnai Enviro Series

The Rinnai Enviro Series offers:

  • Sustainable, long-term performance

  • No significant loss in efficiency over an 8-year period

  • Robust performance over time

  • Units that operate beyond their expected lifespan with minimal maintenance

  • Reliability

Feedback from long-term users further validates the high level of satisfaction with the Rinnai Enviro Series. Some key points include:

  • Water temperature and flow rates remain consistent even after several years of use

  • No significant repairs or service interruptions reported

  • The reliability of the Rinnai Enviro Series is undisputed

A case study involving a Rinnai system installed over a decade ago still maintains 95% of its initial efficiency level, a testament to the Rinnai Enviro Series’ durability and long-term performance.

Endless Supply, Consistent Temperature

One key feature of the Rinnai Enviro Series is its capability to consistently supply hot water. This means you’ll never have to worry about running out of hot water during usage. The series also employs Puretemp™ technology, which minimizes fluctuations in water temperature, ensuring a consistently comfortable experience for the user.

Additionally, the Rinnai Enviro Series employs Enhanced Combustion Technology (ECT). This technology ensures that the water temperature remains stable throughout its operation, providing consistent and reliable hot water over the years.

Maintenance and Durability

The Rinnai Enviro Series excels in two fundamental aspects of any hot water system: maintenance and durability. The systems feature stainless steel heat exchangers, known for their durability and resistance to corrosion, which enhances the lifespan of the systems, particularly in harsh environments. The series also offers a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger, with an optional extension to 13 years, showcasing Rinnai’s confidence in the system’s long-term reliability.

To maintain optimal performance and extend the system’s lifespan, regular servicing of the Enviro Series is advised. This includes tasks such as cleaning filters and checking gas components. For comprehensive support and maintenance, users can turn to Rinnai’s National Customer Care Centre, underlining the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and the reliability of the Enviro Series over time.

Energy Savings and Cost Benefits

The Rinnai Enviro Series offers the following benefits:

  • High-efficiency design that only heats water on demand, reducing greenhouse gas output and operational costs

  • Models like the Geoflo Hybrid 22 and Rinnai Enviro 26 offer up to 50% and 65% annual savings on water heating costs respectively

  • Condensing system with a thermal efficiency of up to 97%, leading to lower running costs

The Rinnai Enviro Series is a long-term investment that pays off in terms of performance, energy savings, and cost benefits.

User satisfaction rates are high, in part due to the long-term energy and cost savings facilitated by the 7 Star equivalent efficiency rating of the Enviro Series. This helps justify the higher initial cost of the systems. Despite the higher upfront cost, the potential for significant long-term savings on energy bills, combined with reduced carbon emissions, make the Rinnai Enviro Series a worthwhile investment.

User Experiences with Rinnai Enviro Series

User experiences with Rinnai Enviro Series

User experience is the true measure of a product’s quality, a test the Rinnai Enviro Series passes with distinction. Customers appreciate the series’ fuel source flexibility, with models available in both natural gas and LPG, catering to their various fuel preferences. Furthermore, the availability of different sizes within the Rinnai Enviro Series, including 16, 26, and 32 liters, has been well-received for meeting the needs of both small and large households.

User feedback highlights the following features of the Rinnai Enviro Series:

  • Ease of installation

  • Aesthetic appeal of its compact design

  • Resistance to corrosion, enhancing its longevity in harsher environments (especially coastal areas)

  • Precise temperature control made possible by Puretemp™ technology and Enhanced Combustion Technology (ECT), providing a safe and comfortable user experience.

Satisfaction and Convenience

The Rinnai Infinity 26 Enviro, known for its eco-friendly and efficient technology, offers the convenience of instant and consistent hot water on demand. This feature has resulted in high levels of user satisfaction with continuous flow systems.

User satisfaction with the Infinity 26 Enviro is further enhanced by the ability to personalize their hot water experience through various convenient controllers, mobile application options, and the incentive claim forms logo.

Challenges and Solutions

Despite its many benefits, users of the Rinnai Enviro Series may occasionally encounter challenges. Rinnai is well-prepared to help users address these issues by providing a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. The units are also equipped with a self-diagnostic system to help users address common concerns such as power, gas supply, and water flow. For specific error codes that may appear on the controller, users can refer to the installation manual for detailed troubleshooting instructions or contact Rinnai’s support for guidance.

When challenges cannot be resolved through self-help or remote assistance, Rinnai offers a service call booking to have issues professionally addressed. Rinnai also exemplifies its commitment to customer service by providing rapid part replacements under warranty and support in recalibrating the temperature control unit when faced with relevant challenges.

Comparing Rinnai Enviro Series with Other Rinnai Products

Comparing Rinnai Enviro Series with other Rinnai products

As a leading provider of hot water systems, Rinnai offers a range of products designed to meet various user needs and preferences. However, the Rinnai Enviro Series stands out for its superior energy efficiency. For instance, the Infinity 26 model from the Rinnai Infinity range, while energy efficient with a 6.1-star equivalent energy rating, has a lower rating compared to the higher efficiency of the Rinnai Enviro Series.

Both the Rinnai Infinity and Enviro Series have the following features:

  • Utilize Puretemp™ technology, ensuring consistent hot water

  • Come with a standard 3-year parts and labour warranty

  • Have a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

Rinnai Infinity vs. Enviro Series

When it comes to comparing the Rinnai Infinity and Enviro Series, several key differences and similarities emerge. Here are the main points to consider:

  • The Infinity 26 Enviro model from the Enviro Series has a greater energy efficiency with a 7.0-star equivalent rating.

  • The Infinity 16 from the Rinnai Infinity range has a 6.2-star equivalent rating.

  • Both series utilize Puretemp™ technology, ensuring consistent hot water.

  • Rinnai’s Infinity and Enviro Series products come with a standard 3-year parts and labour warranty.

  • Both series offer a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger, showcasing Rinnai’s confidence in their products’ long-term reliability.

Models from both the Infinity and Enviro Series offer endless hot water with precise temperature control for both safety and convenience. The Rinnai Infinity 26 offers quality Japanese design and manufacturing, a compact design for installation flexibility, and is suitable for higher ambient water temperatures. On the other hand, the Rinnai Infinity 32L Enviro hot water heater uses heat from its exhaust to pre-heat the water, making it an energy-saving unit that uses considerably less gas to produce the same quantity of hot water as standard systems.

Regardless of the model, the Rinnai Infinity and Enviro Series are committed to providing high-quality, energy-efficient hot water solutions. The Rinnai Infinity 26L Enviro and 32L models feature:

  • Inbuilt energy recovery systems (condensing technology)

  • 7-star energy rating

  • Suitable for homes of various sizes

  • Minimizing environmental impact

Extensive Range for Every Home

Rinnai’s product range includes options for every size of home, from compact apartments to large family houses. This ensures that an appropriate hot water solution is available no matter the number of bathrooms. Rinnai also provides flexibility in fuel sources with models available for both LPG and natural gas, catering to the varying gas supplies in different households.

The Rinnai Infinity range features various models such as:

  • Infinity 12

  • Infinity 16

  • Infinity 20

  • Infinity 26

  • Infinity 28i

  • Infinity 26 Touch

  • Infinity 32

Each of these models is designed with specific energy ratings and features to match unique user requirements and preferences.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Environmental impact and sustainability of Rinnai Enviro Series

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Rinnai Enviro Series specifically targets energy efficiency to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Users have reported a high level of satisfaction with the Rinnai Enviro Series, noting especially its energy efficiency which leads to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower running costs.

The Rinnai Enviro Series caters to the needs of Australian homes for water conservation, alongside the critical demand for energy-efficient continuous flow hot water solutions.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Rinnai’s Infinity heaters, including the Infinity 32 Enviro⁺, are equipped with low emission burners designed for environmental friendliness and enhanced water conservation. The Infinity 26 Enviro model, designed for eco-efficiency, uses an Energy Recovery System and Condensing Technology to optimize gas usage, making it ideal for 1-2 bathroom homes.

In a significant step towards a greener future, Rinnai has developed a Continuous Flow hot water system that utilizes 100% hydrogen with combustion technology, resulting in zero carbon emissions.

Rinnai's Sustainable Solutions

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the Rinnai Enviro Series can be integrated with solar hot water systems. This feature has been successfully implemented in Energy Saving Solutions in Malta and is a significant advantage for eco-conscious customers. Rinnai is also planning to test hydrogen-powered hot water systems in South Australia and Victoria, further demonstrating its alignment with a sustainable future.

To enhance its sustainable solutions, the company offers a range of high-efficiency products, including Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump systems, at the most competitive prices.

Installation Gallery and Case Studies

The Rinnai Enviro Series demonstrates its versatility through its extensive range of applications. The series is suitable for various settings including urban apartments, suburban houses, and rural properties. It can meet the hot water needs of various environments, whether it’s small or large households, or high-demand environments like sports training facilities.

Before and After Scenarios

An aesthetically pleasing appearance is offered when the Rinnai Enviro Series is installed externally. Its features include:

  • Slimline case construction

  • Compact design that saves space

  • Seamless blending into various architectural styles

  • Enhancing the overall look of your home.

Diverse Applications

The Rinnai  Enviro Series is designed to cater to diverse application scenarios. From urban apartments to suburban houses, and even rural properties, the Rinnai Enviro Series has proven its versatility across various settings. It’s not just homes that can benefit from the Rinnai Enviro Series. In high-demand environments like sports training facilities, the Enviro Series shows its ability to meet continuous hot water needs, making it a crucial feature for settings such as changing rooms and showers in sports facilities.

For larger homes with bathrooms on opposite sides, multiple smaller Rinnai Enviro Series water heaters may be recommended rather than a single larger system. This ensures efficient hot water distribution throughout the home. The wall-mounted design of the Rinnai Enviro Series water heaters is beneficial for space-saving, as they do not require bulky storage tanks and can be installed in a central location to maintain high water pressure. These heaters efficiently heat water, providing a reliable source of hot water for your household needs.

The Rinnai’s Infinity ENVIRO range, part of the Enviro Series, offers energy-efficient options with star ratings up to 7, suitable for homes of various sizes while minimizing environmental impact.


The Rinnai Enviro Series represents a significant advancement in hot water systems, prioritizing energy efficiency, sustainability, and user satisfaction. With features like continuous flow, high-efficiency rating, Puretemp™ technology, and comprehensive maintenance support, it’s easy to see why the Rinnai Enviro Series has earned the trust of users worldwide. Whether you’re an eco-conscious homeowner or a facility manager of a high-demand environment, the Rinnai Enviro Series delivers a winning combination of performance, efficiency, and reliability to meet your hot water needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do a Rinnai gas hot water systems last?

A Rinnai gas hot water system typically lasts for 8 to 12 years, and Rinnai is known for its energy-efficient and reliable systems.

Is Dux better than Rinnai?

Dux is a better option compared to Rinnai due to its easier installation and the absence of recent leaking issues.

Is Rinnai a Chinese company?

No, Rinnai  Corporation is a Japan-based company that manufactures heating appliances and components.

How energy-efficient is the Rinnai Enviro Series?

The Rinnai Enviro Series is highly energy efficient, with a 7 Star equivalent efficiency rating and is designed to reduce gas usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

How easy is it to install the Rinnai Enviro Series?

The Rinnai Enviro Series is designed with features that make the installation process straightforward and easy. With built-in pressure relief valve and direct neutralized condensate drainage, the installation is facilitated for ease and convenience.

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